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Hotel Pricing? - blubby07 - 10-11-2017

Hello all ,
I just got a call from a hotel that wants 110 rooms cleaned 3 story building, Im wonering if anyone has experience with hotels and what you would charge for a basic room and I think hwe might be the way to go for funky hotel rooms but its also loud! How would you aproach this job?
HWE or encap,
Any help would be much appreciated. I dont want to bid low and end up with a job I wish I didnt have.
Thanks, Josh

RE: Hotel Pricing? - encapman - 10-11-2017

Hi Josh

Seems that most hotels, even upscale hotels, tend to run cheap when it comes to carpet cleaning in the rooms. Perhaps it will be different in your area, but that's what I have seen. They like to lowball the price. And typically they're not very loyal either - they’ll quickly move on to the next bottom feeder that comes along. It's a tough market. In our area, if you can get $8-$10 for a hotel room you’re doing pretty good. It’s a hard way to make money. And a lot of times there are crews who drive around the country cleaning blocks of hotel rooms for next to nothing.

On the other hand, I've seen that cleaning hallways, banquet rooms, and lobby areas can be profitable; sometimes in the very same hotels that are holding back the money for room cleaning. In some hotels they'll separate rooms (housekeeping) from common areas (banquet dept). If you can get into cleaning their common areas, it can be a good gig.

Another problem that I've run into in hotels is that they frequently change management. You can get a good thing going with a manager who loves you, and six months later that person is gone. You have to start all over again. Also, most of the time hotels are owned by hotel groups; and some of those are out of state so it can sometimes be difficult to track down your money. Have I talked you out of it yet? 

But, if you are determined to do hotel rooms, hot water extraction would be the most appropriate way to clean the residential/commercial carpet you'll have in a hotel room. OP cleaning could also work.

 I hope this gives you a balanced overview of what you might run into. In my commercial carpet cleaning business, I just passed on room cleaning. Seems like there are more reasonable ways to be successful. :-)

RE: Hotel Pricing? - blubby07 - 10-12-2017

My initial thought was they aren’t going to want to pay much at all.
I clean a small privately owned high end hotel on the beach and they pay well but a large chain isn’t gonna pay.
Yes you have talked me out of it!
And thank you?

RE: Hotel Pricing? - encapman - 10-14-2017

If you have a relationship with the hotel on the beach... nurture the relationship. That's what I love about business. Just about anything can work out - if you build a good relationship. :-)