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Where's the steam machine?

September 26 2009 at 8:59 PM

I have a condo in a high rise that I clean every so often. In the past I've cleaned it with the portable. It always turned out pretty well, but was a total pain because the areas are very small and power outlets few. So I tried it with my vacuum, 175 floor machine, fiber plus pads, and some fluffy cotton bonnets. The results were as good or better in this instance and took about a third the time. However, she had a queer look on her face when I was doing the work. She never said a thing about it, but I know she was thinking, "where's the steam machine?"

What do you say to this? Do you bring it up? Do you smile a lot and talk about her beautiful pottery or whatever (like I did)?

In a way I felt like a heel. But, she still tipped me as I left.

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Re: Where's the steam machine?

September 26 2009, 9:35 PM 

Ive had people ask me as well what I was doing. I reply like this:

"Carpet cleaning has come a long way. Detergents these days are designed to use less water and clean way better than the old systems. From time to time an extremely filthy carpet may need a good flushing, but normal soiling like yours will benefit quite well."

I of course wait for the response and follow up with any info they may be curious about. If she never asks, I would bring it up any way. " When was the last time you had the carpets cleaned?" and lead in with the above. I never let a confused or curious looking customer see me leave with out some answers!


Rick Gelinas

Re: Where's the steam machine?

September 26 2009, 9:47 PM 

For me... I'd focus only on the positive.
My comments go someting like this...

"Susan doesn't the carpet look great? We've been having awesome results with this new system we've been using. This new cleaning technology we're using keeps carpet's clean longer. Our new cleaning system creates a minimal impact on the environment. The only reason I even know about this new system is because we try hard to stay abreast of new developments in the cleaning industry. Our customers have been amazed at how good their carpets are looking with this new system - I'd like to get your feedback in a few days too, etc."

In other words, I would try to drive the exchange to the positive right off the bat - helping Susan to appreciate that she was one smart girl to hire the likes of you!

Rick Gelinas

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September 26 2009, 11:29 PM 

Rick's response may seem too smooth or over confident to some. Rick packages his years of knowledge, passion & genuine care towards our industry & life with a touch of NLP. So what's NLP?

Borrow a page out of Rick's book and your business & personal life will be even more successful... I have ....

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is an incredibly powerful discipline that enables people to unblock the structures of human communication and human excellence. By doing so people can think, communicate and manage themselves, and others, more effectively.

NLP explores the relationships between how we think (neuro), how we communicate (linguistic) and our patterns of behaviour and emotion (programmes).

By studying and learning from these relationships people can effectively transform the way they traditionally think and act, adopting new, far more successful models of human excellence. (This activity is called modelling and is a key feature that distinguishes NLP from psychology).

In effect, NLP is a powerful change management tool that transforms the way people think and act to have the greatest impact both professionally and personally. Thats why NLP is one of the most powerful skills used in business management, psychology, sales, sports coaching and all forms of personal development.


Revolutionary Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning


Re: Presuppose

September 27 2009, 5:58 AM 

Regarding OP in residential. Even during the initial call I am excitedly giving tidbits of our new technology cleaning, plugging the benefits, If they have nice painted walls and wood floors. I explain that I will have a entrance mat to prevent any damage, I use no hoses so your walls and floor are safe from damage. No open doors letting weather in and the dog or cat out. And if thats not enough our system will restore most fibers,won't over wet your carpet providing you with quick dry. I see you also have pets and children relax knowing we will be using no harmful chemicals that can hurt you or you loved ones. Also if I feel they are curious I invite them to watch and see how the system works, I have noticed that when they see the results they are sold and leave me to do my service. I guess what I'm saying is embrace the opportunity to explain your system to the customers confidently rather than sheepesly explain there is no wand or HWE. Change can be a good thing and most customers will agree.



Re: Presuppose

September 27 2009, 8:33 AM 

No need to feel like a heel.It is a tool in the toolbox.You are the professional she hired.
By the way,using a 175( w/ a horrible portable) is how I started cleaning let alone my introduction to encap and Pad-capping.I remember nervously asking Rick questions on the phone and he explained to ho to use op pads with a rotary,ect...

Its been fun ever since!


Re: Presuppose

September 27 2009, 9:48 AM 

Love the NLP analogy.
Just to let you guys know NLP have been around for a long time and is not some new age thing.

I handle it much the same way Rick does



Thanks for the points above.

September 27 2009, 11:45 AM 

Good points made above.

The vast majority of my jobs are done with a TM. However, as we expand in to areas where we can't take the truck, this information is very valuable. I don't know if we'll ever make transition to using OP in a single family dwellings reachable by the truck, but as our confidence grows it's hard to say.



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