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Orbot vs. Challenger

September 27 2009 at 7:17 PM

Ive been lookin for some time to get a new machine to replace my challenger. I know the Orbot will do a better job, but im wondering how cumbersome it is.

I have the 3/4hp challenger, and it can be a pain to carry up stairs (although nothing like a mex!) I'm wondering if any one who uses the orbot in homes finds it to be:

1. easy to lift
2. easy maneuverability
3. low vibration

For the money I would like to find the older floor model version HOS, she looks like a sweet machine and just what I need. However I cannot find it for sale anywhere!

Any thoughts/experiences would be appreciated!

David Hebert

Re: Orbot vs. Challenger

September 27 2009, 8:34 PM 

The Orbot is a snap to bring up and down stairs, compared to the Challenger you will be dancing.

No way I would be OPing if it was not with the Orbot.
If winter was not around the cornet I would be ordering my second one for the emergency vehicle, although if we keep going on we will get another any how.

Get the package with both size drivers, if you strip and wax or do wood floors get the weights for it also.

It is like walking a burnisher on VCT but you are doing carpet cleaning.

One thing for sure is the Spray Option is a must.
We do lots of Apt rental turn overs and contact renewal cleaning with the Orbot.
My times are much quicker then any other way I used before, now i can charge a littel lower price for each unit but do more of them and come out with a good days pay by 2 pm.

Every Thursday is APT day


As Alway the people at Excellent Supply will give you great service

Joe Gilstrap

Re: Orbot vs. Challenger

September 27 2009, 11:19 PM 

David is right on! Orbot all the way. There isn't another OP on the market that will compare with it's versatility. The Orbot is the most user-friendly OP I have ever used, and I have owned several different OP machines.

I never lift the Orbot for any reason. The wheels make it easy to move anywhere you need to go without lifting. I use a ramp to get it in and out of the van.

The handle can be adjusted on the fly making it easy to OP in so many situations, even in a closet.

I just can't say enough good about the Orbot. I'll put it this way, if a company ever builds a OP machine that is more user friendly than the Orbot I will be one suprised dude.

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