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OP guys - how would you approach this?

October 1 2009 at 12:58 AM

This is a job that a looked at today. Obviously very soiled. No pets. Mostly drink spills, dirt and asphalt. With my TM - I'd prevac, prespray (boosted with peroxide), prescrub (with crb or floor machine) and then extract. That would take care of most of it, I think. Perhaps I'd have to spot the wine and kool aide spills.

I'm very curious on how you would approach this. It's not as bad as it looks. The fibers are in good condition and is nylon. The soil load isn't as bad as it looks either. How would your approach this with your orbot or challenger? How many pads for a 300 square feet of this. There are other rooms but they aren't nearly as bad.

Would you walk away? Call a guy with a TM? or go for it.

I thought I'd give it a try on Friday and see how good I could make it look with an OP machine. I have very high standards. So if it isn't working I'll start over and HWE it. But I figure if you could make this work with an OP machine then I might get one for high rise work.

BTW - My clients home is very nice. This is one of there rental properties. They are appalled and are considering replacing it.



[IMG][linked image][/IMG]


Re: OP guys - how would you approach this?

October 1 2009, 6:39 AM 

No unusual for rental property LOL. Key here would be good chems good candidate for Hydrox agitate in with CRB or if not aviable groom rake it in or use fiber plus or fiber max pad, dwell time,follow with padding changing frequently.The OP system has surprised alot of users with its abilities. I would not walk from it. Here is a picture that might give you some confidence.

[linked image]

[linked image]

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Rick Gelinas

Re: OP guys - how would you approach this?

October 1 2009, 10:03 PM 

Wow Jeff!

That is quite a testimonial to the effectiveness of OP cleaning!!!

That was a seriously trashed carpet - and you brought it back to life.

Who said you can't clean heavily soiled carpet with low moisture methods?

Well done sir. BTW What detergent did you use for this one?

Rick Gelinas

Bill Martins


October 2 2009, 1:46 AM 

I have yet to this day call another company due to a trashed soil carpet like that. However, I have said NO to clients because they are just filthy. Hardly ever do i get those jobs, maybe 1-2 a year for my clients. So i can say no to a job like that if i want to, or charge by the hour.

It can be done w/ op if you have the experience using op, equipment, pads, chems, etc.

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October 2 2009, 6:26 AM 

That one surprised me as well.This was for a commercial account last ditch effort to save before replacing.Upon arrival I began heating a bucket of water with a bucket heater. By the time i was unloaded, set up, and pre vacuumed it was HOT. I used VacAway Hot Knife, my Hos yellow machine same as your old Vento, Glad pads.

I presprayed a heavy solution, let have ample dwell time, put those HOT pads down and you could see the heat rolling above them,customer was thrilled. Funny thing was I was fairly new with OP at the time. I had decided to take my HWE portable off the truck so I would not rely on it in tough cleanings.At that point it became engage, adapt, overcome.

Wednesday this week I did another trashed rental property simialar to the one posted at the begiing thread above. Got a call yesterday from the landlord, very happy with the results.


How did I do?

October 3 2009, 1:22 AM 

[IMG][linked image][/IMG]
[IMG][linked image][/IMG]

Honestly the results surprised me. And the pictures are probably more staggering then reality. But these are real pictures, not a lie.

The local supplier let me borrow an ORBOT and I wanted to see how it could do on a trashed apartment. I rarely ever do this kind of work and haven't ever tried an OP machine on residential. I should mention that I cleaned this in april (with my TM) and it looked new. I also applied Fiber Cop then.

I started by Pre Vac'ing with a Dyson Animal. Then, I applied Encap punch at maximum strength (boosted with 2 oz of 40 vol peroxide per gallon), scrubbed it in with my whittiker (white brushes),and let it dwell while I unloaded the Orbot and set it up. I used DS mixed at 6oz per gallon with hot water from the bathtub. I used 3 pads in the little room - two glads and a thin cotton pad.

Reality check - It took way longer than it would have to extract with my TM. But I'm just getting started. There were a few spots that I had to extract. Notably ink (with hellgel and HWE) and the transition where the carpet went to tile. It was just too time consuming to clean otherwise. I cleaned the rest of the home using Judsons O2 prespray and planet guard rinse. It did look a little brighter than the OP'd areas but was similar.


1. There was a little bits of carpet that pulled out by the staple. It vacuumed up. Is this normal?
2. I think there might have been a little tip bloom on the carpet fiber - nothing to worry about but I wonder what I did? Was the cotton pad too aggressive.

3. The carpet was notably wetter than HWE alone. I'm sure that was do to me over doing it.


Re: How did I do?

October 3 2009, 6:50 AM 

Great job it only gets easier like any system it takes practice to perfect and become second nature.

Punch is a good product.adding peroxide can effect the encap process.

The filler fibers you seen can be normal on some carpet usally you remove some when HWE also its just it goes into your waste tank so you may not see it unless you look for it.

Cotton pads were probably the culpritas well, most use Gladiator pads. The Orbot and Glad pads are a great combo against tip bloom without sacrificing results.

Thoughts for future cleanings along edges use a edge cleaning brush(see Ricks site)

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