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Tire Question for Shorty...

December 24 2009 at 4:07 PM
Mark Anthony  

Hey Shorty, great message.
Question: The tires that went flat on the 12" you said it went flat because of a staple and then you went back to the old set and then you purchased the set from Rick. Are the tires from rick a non-flat tire that holds no air, because if they hold air like your other air tires, what is the difference between Rick's and those ones?

Thanx :~}
Mark Anthony

Afterglow Carpet Care



December 24 2009, 4:30 PM 

Got home yesterday and had a Christmas present waiting for me.

These were the tyres/wheels from Powerclean.

Stainless steel axle included.

The wheels and tyres are entirely different.

The tyre is not inflatible, rather it is more like a moulded rubber, similar to what is on the Drizair dehums;

They don't hold any air, hot or otherwise. wink.gif

[IMG][linked image][/IMG]

The new ones are also ten inches, whereas my old ones are twelve inches.

Found a stumbling block.

The axle appears to be the same diameter as the wheel hub & I may have to have a thou; shaved off to fit the axle into the wheel hub.

Bonus, the wheel is recessed which means that the hubcap does not extend past the axle and occassionaly knock doorjambs etc;

Actually, the hubcap does not go back on as there are circlips that retain the wheel on the axle.

I will still try and get the larger ones, even if they can be punctured.

One in three years ain't bad.

I like the extra height, happy.gif also I think they will be that much easier on the stairs than the smaller wheels, but I won't know until I can field test them.

The other thing that I have a concern about is the colour of the rubber & whether or not it will leave marks on the carpet, time again will tell.



I've seen the light, and changed my wicked ways. wink.gif

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