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Tile and grout brush for Orbot

March 15 2010 at 6:36 PM
Brad Whiteman 

Just wondering if anybody here has purchased the tile and grout brush and weight set for their Orbot and what results your getting with (is it worth putting out 500 bucks for it?)

I have tried the grout brush on the Challenger OP and was unimpressed with the results. It cleans the tile well enough but theres not enough weight to the machine to get into the grout lines.

Brad Whiteman
EcoDry Carpet Cleaning

Joe Gilstrap

Re: Tile and grout brush for Orbot

March 15 2010, 7:47 PM 

Brad, if you clean a lot of tile and grout then the investment would probably be worth it. I haven't purchased the tile brush and weights for my Orbot yet.
I also have a Challenger with the tile and grout brush. Doesn't perform well at all, but I blame the brush design. Totally wrong for grout.

I presently use an Oreck Orbiter with the Oreck grout brush and homemade weight kit. Does a pretty good job. I also use a manual grout brush with the long handle for tight and stubborn places.

The main reason I haven't purchased the Orbot tile kit as of yet is because of the aggravation of having to install the brush. But like I said, if you do a lot of tile, then I'm sure it would be worth it.


I have it, but...

March 15 2010, 10:00 PM 

I haven't tried it yet. I have a job on the weekend and another next week. So, I'll let you know.

Normally I use my SX-12 connected to my TM. But it would really be nice for those commercial jobs when access is a pain. Plus, it's less likely to blow out grout.


David Hebert

Re: I have it, but...

March 16 2010, 10:07 AM 

Please do let us know

I have been doing lots of T&G lately and have a 2000 sq ft kitchen coming up soon maybe the T&G set will help


Brad Whiteman

Re: I have it, but...

March 16 2010, 10:53 AM 

Thanks guys for the response. Please Walt let use know what you think about it after you have tried it out and post some before and after pics if you have the time. I think I'll pull the trigger and order it anyway theirs just to much tile and grout out there not to. I think with the tile and grout brush, weight set, and my vapor steamer for the edges, tight spots and any deep stains in the grout.I think I'll be ok until I can purchase the M12 and spinners.

Buy the way Rick do you sell the tile and grout kit for the Orbot?

Brad Whiteman
EcoDry Carpet Cleaning

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