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VCT Neutral Cleaner

March 16 2010 at 9:08 PM

Armstrong VCT says to use a neutral cleaner prior to applying finish coats. I had thought of just using i/2 cup amonia to 1 gal water mop and then rinse mop then finish coat. Anyone have a better idea? I had thought about just mopping(microfibre) with water thats about as neutral as you can get but figured the amonia cleaner might help the finish bond better as a prep?

Brad Whiteman

Re: VCT Neutral Cleaner

March 16 2010, 11:00 PM 

I'd go with the manufacturer recommendation just cover your a$$, a gallon of neutral cleaner is pretty cheap. That being said as long as you rinse mop real well you should be fine

Brad Whiteman
EcoDry Carpet Cleaning


Re: VCT Neutral Cleaner

March 17 2010, 12:02 AM 

If you have applied stripper first and removed the sludge, I would rinse with neutral detergent to clean away stripper residue, then rinse again with water to remove detergent and leave the floor as clean as possible to ensure the best bond. Otherwise you may get bubbles...


I would not use amonia

March 17 2010, 12:53 AM 

Amonia was a main ingredient in floor stripper for many years. If you stripped the floor with amonia you needed to neutralize the floor. Amonia is not a nuetralizer. Water is not a neutralizer either. A true neutralizer will clean the floor and remove any acidic or alkyline residue. Also side note avoid the Neutral cleaner at walmart. You can pick it up at any janitorial supply company pretty cheap.


Rick Gelinas

Re: I would not use amonia

March 17 2010, 1:54 PM 

I concur. Ammonia is anything but neutral. If you want an AWESOME neutral cleaner (I'm telling you it is the absolute BEST) check out Pioneer Eclipse Neutral Cleaner. I used it in my own cleaning business for years, and now we're proud to have it available for our customers at Excellent Supply. It is neutral and yet it cleans like crazy with the best soil emulsifying properties I've ever seen. Ain't none better - I guarantee it!

[linked image]


Rick Gelinas
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