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Update on cleaning steps

May 7 2010 at 6:06 AM
Fred Gruber  

We landed the condominium complex, with 650 steps and 78 landings.

I bought a DeWalt right angle grinder from Lowes and the pad driver from Excellent Supply (for a total of $180). We did most of the job yesterday (375 steps) and are going back today to finish the other 275 steps. Once we got going, we got a nice rhythm going. I had my helper spray ahead of me with Release-it and brush along the sides and I followed up with the grinder, using fiber plus pads. It took about 20 minutes to do each unit (25 steps and 3 landings) which was around $70 each. There was a nice difference. My helper couldn't believe how much sand and dirt was flying out of the steps.

One word of advice, If you're going to clean a lot of steps, by some knee pads. That job is a workout and by tonight, My back will be totally shot. I think I will treat myself to a massage.


Re: Update on cleaning steps

May 7 2010, 1:19 PM 

Steps can be a bear! There are a few different machines for someone doing as many stairs as you did! Here are a few options that are out there! These can help save your back! happy.gif

HOS Orbot Micro
[linked image]

Motor Scrub (Battery Powered with Battery back pack)
[linked image]

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May 7 2010, 5:20 PM 

I thoroughly concur with what Drew said.

Using the Orbot with the two different length handles makes steps a breeze.

If you think a lot of crud came out with the pads, wait 'til you see what the brushes chuck out.

The initial outlay may cost more, but there is no back beaking/knee crippling effects. wink.gif

Take this from a pensioner that has travelled this road. happy.gif


I've seen the light, and changed my wicked ways. wink.gif

Joe Gilstrap

Re: Yep

May 7 2010, 6:18 PM 

Fred, did you guys post vac the steps?

Fred Gruber

Re: Yep

May 7 2010, 8:42 PM 

The super is going to vacuum tomorrow.

Fred Gruber

Re: Yep

May 8 2010, 5:42 AM 

That job was tough, even with the help I had. I will definitely be looking to get The Orbot Micro next time. How much is one of those?

The property manager is a tough cookie. After the first day, she went to inspect the job. I never had so many complaints. She nit picked so many things. First, she pointed out a couple of paint spots (out of the 50+ we missed 2). She also said it doesn't smell clean, so I went back and sprayed some Multiphase in each unit. There were some funky odors coming out from some of the residents doors. I told her that our cleaning can't stop those smells. She also complained because there was some small fuzzy pieces, from the fiber plus pads, that were on the floor (I'm surprised she was able to see them among the other debris on the floor) So I had my helper go and sweep each unit. She also said that she didn't see much of a difference, even though about a half dozen residents, a board member and the super couldn't believe how clean the steps were looking. I e-mailed her some pics and will be posting them soon.

I was warned, ahead of time, that she was going to be difficult. The office cleaning service, that my friend owns, cleans many of their buildings and said that she is a pain but will give us a lot of work.

Fred Gruber

And Here are some pics

May 8 2010, 6:13 AM 

David Hebert

Re: And Here are some pics

May 8 2010, 12:05 PM 

Paint spots are extra charge, something the painters should have made sure did not happen.

All the things she is nit picking about should have been discussed in negotiations before you cleaned,this eliminates getting a little frustrated on big jobs, you know what your responsibilities are and before moving on to another unit your inspection on what was done eliminates the client from picking apart the work.

You can make more money not having to go back over what was already done. Since I have not idea what your arrangement was let me just say make sure everything is clear and in writing what your responsibilities are, many property managers will try to add on while in midstream.
If she is trying to get extra out of you, Yes Mame we will get to that rite away I'll add that to the final bill.


Re: Yep

May 9 2010, 10:38 AM 

Both tools are around $600 give or take 50 bucks. I can get you the exact price shipped to your doorstep if you like? Just give me a call on monday! happy.gif


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