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Just bought Cimex and now learned that it voids WARRANTIES!!

June 5 2010 at 12:52 AM

New to the forum. I bought a cimex a week ago and just now realized that the Cimex voids warranties. Help me understand. When it says "Rotary machines void warranty" Does that mean they void the whole warranty for all conditions, i.e color difference, pile delamination, etc. What part of the warranty does the cimex ruin, and what would the mills be concerned about? Wouldn't constant foot traffic abrade fibers.

What do you guys do? Ignore or just skip out on the job.

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Rick Gelinas

Re: Just bought Cimex and now learned that it voids WARRANTIES!!

June 5 2010, 7:46 AM 

Rotary is a rotary. That would include a 175 rpm rotary machine. It would also include RX20. It would also include Rotovac. And if they want to stretch it - it might even include a planetary machine - such as the Cimex.

But truth be told, the Cimex Will Not - Has Not - Can Not damage a carpet.

Now one mill in Georgia does have an axe to grind. And they've taken a strong stand toward any rotary machine including the Cimex. But their position appears to be a personal vendetta without science to back it up. (Unfortunately some of the things that goes on in Dalton comes across like good ol' boy politics).

So let's talk about science! We heard some of the rumblings too. So we sent a Cimex with FiberPlus pads and Releasit to the Professional Testing lab in Dalton Georgia. PTL is the exact same testing lab that the mills use for their third party testing. It's also the mill that the CRI uses. So it's as official as testing can get in Dalton.

They made 22 passes with the Cimex. Not 1 or 2 or 3 or even 4 passes. They made 22 passes with the Cimex on cut pile commercial carpet. And guess what? The Cimex was deemed acceptable and non-destructive.

There has NEVER been a single damage claim made to any mill as a result of using a Cimex. NEVER! And there never will be.

Here is a copy of the test results. Use it to show anyone who questions the safety of the Cimex. And go ahead and clean any carpet you want to. You will not damage a carpet. There's absolutely no need for concern.

Hope this helps to address this question!

Rick Gelinas
[linked image]

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June 5 2010, 8:46 AM 

By the time you get to clean a commercial carpet or residential
carpet, the warranty period usually has already passed.


Re: Just bought Cimex and now learned that it voids WARRANTIES!!

June 5 2010, 9:03 AM 

The company Rick is referring to also prohibits the RX 20 rotovac, drimaster ... ANYTHING that spins, even with HWE. The protocal they used was placing the Cimex in one place for an hour without moving it to see if it damaged the carpet. (I would suspect "nearly" anything would damage the carpet if placed on it in one place for an hour.) The exception would be a cylindrical machine with soft brushes, such as the whittaker, brush and clean, procaps, etc. But if it can be placed on the carpet for an hour without damage that also tells you it won't hold a candle to the Cimex as far as aggitation and results.

Most warranties aren't worth the paper they're written on. Several mills also recommend frequent or regular HWE cleaning with interim maintenance cleanings in between. A lot will depend on the budget of the company you're cleaning for as they're the one that pays for the carpet cleaning and often times they don't follow the mills recommendations anyway as far as frequency of cleaning, vacuuming, spot removal, etc.

I have 3 cimex machines and wouldn't trade them for anything. You still need to use common sense when using it though because if used incorrectly you could damage the carpet.

Most customers want a great job at a good price. This is what the Cimex will accomplish!

Joe M

What Charles said

June 5 2010, 6:55 PM 

"By the time you get to clean a commercial carpet or residential
carpet, the warranty period usually has already passed".

This is so true. The warranty is void for the most part when its installed.

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stupidity in action

June 5 2010, 9:19 PM 

I'll bet if I hooked a quality wand up to one of the flame throwing super suckers, taped the valve open and set it in one spot for an hour it would damage the carpet.

Some people just hate things for no reason.


you own three and if not properly used you can damage carpet

June 6 2010, 2:00 PM 

Could you explain further in detail. How can one ruin the carpet fiber with a cimex if they are not careful. Thanks.


does it void the whole warranty

June 6 2010, 1:57 PM 

Hi Rick. Thanks for all the responses. If a business was to call a mill or there sales rep and said hey! I think we have a problem with our commercial carpet, It looks discolored, can you come and take a look? If they came and saw that there was something wrong (mills fault) would they cover it or fix it if they found out a cimex was used on the carpet? or would the cimex void the entire carpet warranty?

If the Cimes was to destroy the fibers/carpet what would the destruction look like?

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David Moye

dont worry about it

June 5 2010, 11:07 PM 

chances are, they've already voided the warranty. the reason they use that language is because they are worried about people improperly bonnet cleaning. it doesn't have anything to do with encapsulation cleaning.

The only time i would worry about it at all is if you are cleaning what you suspect is a 5th gen nylon carpet, or something fine, in which case a crb machine will do the job just fine anyway

Don Eldred

Re: I would worry about it!!!

June 6 2010, 9:46 AM 

When will it end? It is only a matter of time until a cleaner gets nailed for voiding a warranty. Who wants to be that cleaner? Play with fire and you will get burned.
The mills are no longer turning a blind eye, they are serious this time.

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Rick Gelinas

I'm not buying it

June 6 2010, 11:22 AM 

Don, you surprised me with your comment.

(A) You've been around the industry long enough to know how things go down.

As a long timer in this industry I'd expect that you'd especially be less concerned about some of these things we hear. Don I know that you know how this game gets played.

(B) You use Cimex's in your business.

I'd think that you'd speak from your experience and state (as I'm sure you'd agree) that a Cimex used properly is not possibly going to damage a commercial carpet. You've cleaned enough carpet with the Cimex to know there honestly isn't any chance of damaging a carpet.

REALITY: The Cimex used properly on a commercial carpet is NOT going to damage a carpet. So there's no chance of a warranty damage claim, as long as the machine is used as intended. If there ever was a single damage claim, we at Excellent Supply would have heard about it. There has never been a single one to date! So reality tells us that there's no risk. I'm all for playing it safe, but in this case there's simply no grounds for concern. That's been proven by the testing at Professional Testing Laboratory, and from the millions upon millions of square yards of commercial carpet that have been successfully cleaned with the Cimex.

I'd think that everyone in Dalton would want to to embrace a system that is helping their customers to remain happier with the product that they sell (happier than they were before encap came to the industry). The Cimex and "good" encapsulation products are helping their commercial floor coverings to look good longer with fewer complaints. With the reduced cost of maintenance, the end user of their floor coverings can now afford to obtain sufficient levels of cleaning. And when combined with HWE, the encap system can achieve very high standards of cleaning maintenance. The mills now have happier commercial customers. The cleaner has happier customers. The cleaner is happier. Everyone wins with this one happy.gif

Rick Gelinas
[linked image]

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What a worry wart

June 6 2010, 5:29 PM 

Be careful, the sky is going to fall.

In my opinion, you have a greater chance of being killed by a shark, especially if you swim in the sea.

Oh, on average, there are five fatal shark attacks each year, worldwide.

If one is going to worry about the miniscule chance of voiding a carpet warranty and having to pay for it, then I have only a few words to say.........................


Crikey, I better not go to this job today, 'cos I might blow a tire, or take the wrong turn, doh !!!

Mate, we all took a chance starting up our own carpet cleaning business, against all the odds, most of us managed to do very well out of it for our families.

If we were to worry about something so infitisimal as "voiding a warranty", maybe we should all get out and buy a fire breathing, noxious fume emitting, big bad twuckmount.

Oops, the solution hose might split, spraying hot water over the wall and over the baby.

Maybe I should just go and work for the guv-urn-mint and rely on "the workers" to pay my welfare. wink.gif


I've seen the light, and changed my wicked ways. wink.gif


Pretty proud statement on your part

June 6 2010, 5:35 PM 

I'm glad that you have it all figured it out. I didn't know that asking questions and getting educated now makes you a worry wart. You go to extremes " Give up carpet cleaning". Pride always comes before the fall.


Re: Pretty proud statement on your part

June 6 2010, 7:22 PM 

Another thought I never see mentioned reagrding rotary use is. The majority of homeowner units purchased such as Bissel,Hoover etc. are of rotary design with brushes. And many are used on both residential and commercial spotting.

Joe M


June 6 2010, 8:48 PM 

So what are you trying to say Shorty? LOL


I'm weird

June 7 2010, 6:21 AM 

My apologies, I shoulda rmembered that a lot of you blokes over there don't understand the Aussie vernacular.

Simple saying, don't worry, just go ahead and clean the carpet.

As Rick said, there has never been an issue of the 'Mex; voiding a carpet warranty, so unless someone intends to run it with little or no juice flowing, why should a problem start now.??

Photo copy the test done down in Georgia and laminate it.

If anyone questions the machines capabilities, show them the test report.

If they still feel that they know better than the testing boffins, maybe you should let them get another cleaner.

I couldn't be bothered arguing with some of those idiots, life is to short trying to prove a point to those that won't believe.

The above is meant towards the customer, not a carpet cleaner trying to make a living.

There, I'm done. happy.gif


I've seen the light, and changed my wicked ways. wink.gif

Joe M


June 7 2010, 8:51 AM 

Shorty, I understood what you were saying. We need more people in this world that speek their mind.

Did you ever think about running for an elected position?

In America we now have a lack of people that are honest. We have people that are pc.


thank you.

June 7 2010, 3:38 PM 

I understand. Sorry if I misunderstood.

Hey Rick

Re: thank you.

June 7 2010, 4:13 PM 

I just said that sooner or later a cleaner is going to get nailed.
Yes we use the Cimex's every day of the week, except if it is a brand new installation than we follow the mills recommendations for cleaning.
I am sure you read the Board's from time to time and you must shutter some times when you read how and what some people use to clean carpets.
Remember we are all in the same basket and one rotten cleaner can spoil for all of us, if I am not mistaken that is why the mills are taking the stance to condon rotary of any kind.

James Peterson

I'll Help

June 9 2010, 9:24 AM 

You should send me that awful machine so you can relax and enjoy life again. Just try'in to help.

Danny S

Re: I'll Help

June 16 2010, 12:17 PM 

if a Cimex is blamed for a warrentee void, will Cimex USA or Excellent Supply pay the claim instead of the cleaner???

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