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good candidates for encap cleaning

August 26 2010 at 10:38 PM

I decided to start hitting the street to give bids on commercial cleaning with my cimex. I Went first to a clothing store that my girlfriend bought a dress. I gave them a bid but then flash backed to the last clothing store I did and all the work involved moving stuff. I had second thoughts and wanted to know what are the most lucrative types of business's that people run into for cimexing. I was considering health clubs, do you guys have any other types of businesses that are a perfect fit for cimex and ds?


Rick Gelinas

Re: good candidates for encap cleaning

August 27 2010, 1:54 AM 

Clothing stores are easy with the Cimex. I've personally done tons and tons and tons of 'em.

Here's how to deal with clothing racks...

YOU (option 1) We'll be happy to move the racks, but we obviously won't know exactly where to put the racks after we move them. So if you can have one of your staff members available to assist us that would be great. That way the racks will be placed back in their correct positions.

YOU (option 2) Or we can just get up close to each rack and work around them.

MANAGER: OK just work around them.

They'll usually go for option 2. Why? Because rack placement is a science for them. It takes painstaking care and lots of time on their part to do a proper store set / reset. Store racks are set up in a very specific arrangement, and the last thing they want is for you to mess it up.

But even if they go with option 1, the responsibility for moving the racks back into position will be their responsibility. So it's really not such a big deal.

We have cleaned the majority of stores just moving up to and around items. You may think it will take a lot of time to work around racks, but I've always found it to be super quick with the Cimex. For example, we've done countless Victoria Secret stores this way. VS has about a million little lightweight tripod racks with lightweight lingerie hanging from them. If you bump one, stuff flies everywhere. But we had no problem nudging up to them with the Cimex and working around them, making FAST time too. Plus, if you service the accounts on a regular basis, the racks will most likely be positioned in a different spot the next time you clean the store, so over the course of the year the entire carpet will be getting serviced.

So don't be afraid of clothing stores. we've serviced a huge amount of them through the years. And I've made heck of a lot of money doing them too. But keep in mind, most of the chain stores these days are handled by MMM's "Maintenance Management Mafia" = contract companies. So you may find that the stores are not available for you to sell to them directly, you'd need to sub-contract from the MMM. Yet even working for the lowball MMM's with the Cimex can still be profitable (in fact it's in that arena that I invented the Cimex/Encap system). So go for it. - clothing stores are great IMHO.

Hope this gives you some food for thought.

Rick Gelinas
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Re: good candidates for encap cleaning

August 27 2010, 9:39 AM 

Yes it does, very good advice! There are several locally owned stores and those are the ones I was interested in. Aside from those Rick, do you have a hit list of the types of clients you like to clean for the best? I am aggressively expanding this side of my company and would appreciate any more ideas.


Rick Gelinas

Re: good candidates for encap cleaning

August 27 2010, 4:01 PM 

Anything is fair game. It's all good!

The only ones I shy away from are the little mom & pop businesses in the 1,000 sq ft range. Experience has shown that they're usually not worth the trouble.

Shoot for larger businesses, anything over 2,000 sq ft. My interest continues to increase as the account gets larger 4K 6K 8K 10K 15K 20K 30K etc. Go for the good stuff. Cruise around your town and spy out the juicy looking businesses and then give them your best shot.

My motto for commercial accounts echos the words of an old Steely Dan song...

"Throw back the little ones
And pan fry the big ones
Use tact poise and reason
And gently squeeze them"

... works for me happy.gif

Rick Gelinas
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