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Out of Business - Carpet Cleaning - Make me an offer!

August 30 2010 at 4:31 PM
Jonathan Roberts  

Out of Business - Carpet Cleaning - Make me an offer!

Due to health issues, I have to give up on my Carpet Cleaning business... Almost immediately after starting this business.

Everything is in excellent condition and like new still. The pads were used very little and are also in excellent condition. The HOS ORBOT didn't even get a chance to get dirty. I will be posting pictures on this website very soon.

Please email ( with any questions. I am located in Thornton, CO

I am wanting *** Make me an offer *** for everything and not wanting to piece it out. I believe this is a much nicer package as a whole. Pickup only, Cash or PayPal OK.

HOS ORBOT with Spray Borg
With 2 Gliders (1 thin 1 thick), Three cleaner jugs for Spray Borg, and extra driver plate.

5 - 17" FiberPlus Pads
6 - 19" Encap Bonnets
10 - 21" Gladiator pads
12- 8" Cimex Bonnets
15 - 8" FiberPlus Pads

7 (1 quart bottles) Releasit® Encap-Spot
1 Gallon (about 1/2 cup used) Odorcide
4 Gallons Soileze
1/2 Gallon Encap-Clean
4 Gallons Encap-DS
4 Gallons Encap-Punch (about 1 cup used)
2 1/4 Gallons Encap-Hydrox
1 Gallon USR - Urine Stain Remover
1 Gallon Matrox Clean Fresh Deodorizer

Carpet Groomer
WATER CLAW Spot Lifter and cuff to attach to wet/dry vac hose.
VacAway Sample Kit - Encap Green, Hot Knife, Shatter, Grime Reeper, Spot -n- Boost, Poof, Red Vanish, Hel Gel Orange, Pig Out, Spotting Chart.
Spotting Rags
spotting brush
1 spray bottle (1 pint)
2 spotting bottles
1 measuring shot glass
1 Tube Pro's Choice - Power Gel (UNUSED)
1 Tube Pro's Choice - Pro-Solve Gel (UNUSED)
Three 1qt measuring cups
One 2 1/2 cup measuring cup
3x6"Horse hair brush

CMS Commercial Marketing System CDROM
Quick Books 2009 Pro + Learning DVD
Video Professor "Learn Quick Books" 3 CD set
Video Professor "Learn Word" 3 CD set
Video Professor "Learn Excel" 3 CD set
750 Business #10 Envelopes
Three Hole Punch
Paper Stapler
Aluminum Form Holder, Storage Clipboard, Letter/A4 Size
New Briefcase for paperwork and/or laptop
Double Bin hanging file cart
1 Three gallon pump sprayer
About 2,500 ULINE Premium Laser Labels (in sheets) ULINE #S-5042
3 small soft manila envelopes
25 medium manila envelopes
15 large manila envelopes
About 200 hanging folders
2 hanging folder boxes - Plastic
Heavy Duty plastic carrying box (liquid proof)
Other Misc office supplies


Out of Business

September 8 2010, 10:52 PM 

Hi Jonathan,
I was wondering if you could shoot me an email.


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