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Wool Area Rug Help! Please

September 28 2010 at 3:12 PM

Need some Help Gang,

This is a 100% wool "Runner" .
I've used encap Punch on it, and an "Hydr-Oxi" (not sure of the real name right now)
HWE prespray on this, but it is being stubborn. A lot of brownish staining that won't seem
to come out. The back does not appear or seem to be Jute or Sisal. Seems to be Cotton
as well.
Any Ideas?




Re: Wool Area Rug Help! Please

September 28 2010, 6:45 PM 

I have cleaned several area rugs with that problem some are fixable,& some well just improve. My favorite product for that problem is Pro's Choice urine stain remover. even if there is no urine it does a good job removing the brown.Good luck. Before you treat it with USR, rinse and extract
Rapid drying will improve the quality of your job.


Any idea what it is?

September 28 2010, 7:59 PM 

Organic stains will improve with the use of an "oxi" product, like USR. But the real question is what caused the staining? Was it there before you started cleaning or did it show up after you started cleaning?

That would eliminate a lot of the guessing.


Got it, Pile Reversal

September 29 2010, 7:33 AM 

Got this response from a very Helpful Gent and
very respected Carpet Cleaner....

Check out my thread on this board recently on a wool rug. looks very similar . Took it to the pro and he called "pile reversal" or "pile distortion'.
Look at it one corner then turn rug 180 degrees (same corner). If the "stain" reverses pile bad.
No one can fix that."

and that hit the nail on the head. I responded.

"THAT is what it is! I would look at it, and it looked fine, good to go. then I'd walk around and look at it again and..... brown! Walk back to get my sprayer and it looked fine again!
I can, groom it all in one direction and it looks fine, but as soon as you step on it, or push the pile in the other direction, it looks dirty again."

It was like that before I started cleaning, that is why she wanted me to clean it in the first place.
This rug was in a high traffic area. Probably not a good choice of textile for this area.

Thank you ALL for your professional input.
MUCH appreciated.


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