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Apartment Hallways

October 13 2010 at 9:30 AM

I cimexed dirty hallways with Releasit DS. It looked good, but when I was wiping off stains with a rag I noticed the rag was picking up a lot of dirt from the carpet. Should I leave it and let it dry and vacuum, or Bonnet clean it, or HWE it.
Suggestions please.

Rick Thode

Re: Apartment Hallways

October 13 2010, 11:03 AM 

Hi Bruce

For the most part, when you are encapping with Cimex & Releasit, when you run over a dirty carpet, you have not removed the soil. You have simply made an emulsion of the soil, Releasit & water. And yes, you will pick up that soil if you rub it with a cotton cloth. The extraction of the soil takes place when the emulsion has dried and is vacuumed the next day. This is something you normally do not have to worry about as the encapsulated soil will be removed by whoever does the normal vacuuming.

There is times, when you have an exceptional amount of soil load in the carpet, when you may find it beneficial to use a cotton bonnet to physically remove some of the excess soil.

Rick Thode
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Al Taylor

Re: Apartment Hallways

October 13 2010, 3:52 PM 

RICK'S COMMENT - There is times, when you have an exceptional amount of soil load in the carpet, when you may find it beneficial to use a cotton bonnet to physically remove some of the excess soil.

Bruce, if you are concerned about soil transfer to white cloth after encapping, simply remove you fiber plus pads from drivers then dampen & apply the tu-ways bonnets and go back over the same areas (do not let carpet dry first). The soil will transfer to the bonnets just as it did with the white cloth. You still get the encapping benefit as even though you extracted a lot of the moisture from the areas.

Al Taylor

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Rick Gelinas

Re: Apartment Hallways

October 13 2010, 4:21 PM 

Rick & Alex nailed it.
Well done guys. happy.gif

Rick Gelinas


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Fred Gruber

Re: Apartment Hallways

October 18 2010, 9:11 AM 

I have done just that, Use a bonnet following encap. We clean several of those types of buildings and will do that on the first cleaning and just on the follow up maintenance. I will also do that after the winter.

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