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CMS on the way

November 23 2010 at 2:28 PM
Troy D 

Just pulled the trigger on the CMS marketing kit! Thanks rick for answering my emails!

Cant wait to dive into this kit and go after some commercial accounts. Im thinking now is a good time with the end of the year fast approaching. May be appropriate discussion for businesses looking to either add carpet cleaning to their 2011 plans or for those looking for some alternative quotes. Am i on the mark here with this line of thinking?

How many of you folks incorporate demos into your proposals? I have no problem mentioning this when targeting new prospects but just curious how many of you do this.

Next steps are compiling list of prospects, putting together the letters etc and making some things happen! There are a few businesses that i patronize that are on my list because their carpets have certainly seen better days. I wonder if cleaning is even on their radar screen. We shall see.



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For Sure..................

November 23 2010, 6:17 PM 

I repeat " A Presentation with out a Demonstration is merely a Conversation" If it's a large facility, clean the worst room for free. or better yet, tape off a small portion of a hallway and clean it. Every day they walk over it, they are reminded of you. Be sure to follow up on it after you read the best little sales book ever written "Green Eggs and Ham"


Rick Gelinas

Re: For Sure..................

November 24 2010, 7:10 AM 

Ahhh, the wisdom of Ray Moody.

His quote about "A Presentation with out a Demonstration is merely a Conversation" is gold. A good demo can usually seal the deal.

And his reference to Green Eggs & Ham shows us what a literary genius Ray is. Actualy the thought of what Ray is saying is that PERSISTENCE is important. Continue to make return visits on your prospect.

Here is a brief overview of how I sell commercial accounts:

1. I start by selecting an account that I'd like to acquire as one of our customers (my target). I'll then call the business and ask if I can mail them some information about carpet cleaning.

2. If they say yes, I ask who is responsible for taking care of their carpet cleaning. Now I have the name of the decision maker.

3. I then mail them a good cover letter and a flyer with information about commercial carpet care. (You have these in your CMS program).

4. Next I call back and ask to speak with the decision maker. If the gate-keeper wants to know why Im calling, I tell them that I sent Mr. Jones some information about carpet cleaning and Im calling back to discuss it with him. I can normally get through to the decision maker at this point.

5. Once I have Mr. Jones on the phone, I inquire about the info that I mailed (at this point he may or may not know about the info I sent - it doesn't matter either way). I tell Mr. Jones that I have a brief 15-minute presentation. Can I stop by to show it to you? I would also like to provide a free demo on one of your worst areas too.

6. When I go to meet the decision maker I wear nice pants, a white dress shirt with my logo embroidered and a tie. I will then run through my printed Powerpoint presentation binder that outlines my companies services. (You have this in your CMS program)

7. I will review their carpet and current cleaning program. I will fill out a Carpet Inspection form. (You have this in your CMS program) After I assess their needs I'll clearly show them how I intend to FIX THEIR PROBLEMS. "Fixing problems" has been the key to selling to this market.

8. I'll then do a demonstration for them. (Like Ray mentioned "a presentation without a demonstration is just a conversation").

9. Then I'll measure the building. I will prepare a written proposal, and in many cases a service contract too. (You have these forms in your CMS program)

10. If they don't buy on the initial call I will follow up. Persistence pays off. I once approached an account that I wanted to get at least 10 times before they finally decided to use my company. That customer remained a $2400 a month customer for 18 years. ($518,400 - over half a million dollars for persistence)

I dont always do all of these steps with every prospect that I contact. But thats an overview of how I typically approach and sell commercial accounts. These few simple steps work very well for me! I think it could work for you too. I wish you success as you get rocking with your CMS program.

Rick Gelinas


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