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commerical job, time needed, advise

December 8 2010 at 4:24 PM

looking for advise on 22,000 sf foot job..

have 2 mex with 3 guys that are experienced..

will we be able to do this job in one day or should i get third machine and 4th person to make sure.

standard office setting with cubies, conference rooms, etc.



Re: commerical job, time needed, advise

December 8 2010, 4:45 PM 

I would think you could easily do it with your two Cimex's.

Lets say each machine can conservatively do 2,000sq/ft-2,500
in open areas and funnel areas, but in more congested areas like the cubes you'll move slower, lets say 1,500sq/ft.

So the two machines could do 3,000 sq/ft an hour which would be 7.33 hours.

You may go faster, but the cubes could slow you down too, so I would think overall that's a reasonable number.


Rick Gelinas

Re: commerical job, time needed, advise

December 8 2010, 5:41 PM 

Carl I like your setup. Having a third person is the key. The third person will actually work harder than the guys running the Cimex machines - running for water, moving stuff, pulling the cords, relieving Cimex operators for bathroom breaks, bringing bottles of water, etc. That third person is your lifeline. If the third person works really hard, the 2 Cimex machines should basically be able to keep running non-stop. And if that occurs you can easily knock out 22,000 sq ft in less than a day (I've done it many times). Pay 'em well, buy 'em lunch, and take 'em out to dinner afterward. It pays to take good care of your people. They will work hard but they'l bring home a nice chunk of money in the process. I wish you success with this one!

Rick Gelinas


[linked image]


UP date on comm job.

December 11 2010, 10:03 PM 

Got on job at 9am and between getting stuff in and looking around a bit showing everyone the layout we started cleaning at 9:30am.. it was just the two of us at first. other guy was on residential job that morning and showed up around 11:30.

we loaded up each machine with 4 gal of water and turn solution valve open at 75%.. the place was not real dirty so we just tried to get a lit foam track. we cleaned with the facilities guy helping with chair etc moving and got the first floor done by 12:30..

we broke for 15 min lunch and got the second floor done by 3pm.. loaded up and got out by 3:30pm
total time on job 6 hrs, total cost, one gal DS, 3 sets of beige pads, 12 man hrs@ 15 buck per hr. close to 150 buck per hr profit. man i love incap. happy.gif

thanks for all the input..

Joel Riggs

Re: UP date on comm job.

December 14 2010, 1:59 AM 

22000 Sf with 1 gallon of DS?

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