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orbot or steamin demon

December 8 2010 at 7:43 PM

Rick,i have a cleaning service and we clean a lot of empty apartments, my largest customer is willing to let me start cleaning the carpets after we clean the apartments, i have a cimex and i love it but it is to heavy to lug up stairways and i don't think encap would be ideal method, i like the orbot but not sure if it would be right tool for a bad apartment with pet stains? or would steamin demon be a better tool? and how much does the orbot and demon cost?


Re: orbot or steamin demon

December 8 2010, 10:58 PM 

The steamin demon would work perfect for that, we do it alot. I would suggest getting a small rotary if money is an issue. This way you can scrub your presrpay in and extract, which give awesome results.

Also, if the apartment isnt that bad, you can pre sray some punch and use bonnets on the rotary, and still recieve stelar results.

Just my 2c

Joe Gilstrap

Re: orbot or steamin demon

December 8 2010, 11:12 PM 

I've got a nice steamin demon classic with all the attachments that I don't use anymore.

Need to sell it if anyone is interested.


Re: orbot or steamin demon

December 9 2010, 9:07 AM 

We do a lot of empty Condo and Apartment carpets either after a total renovation or just move outs, a Orbot, rotary, or a Cimex will do just fine in most cases. Rarely do we have to extract a unit, one of Rick's chemicals always seems to do the trick or Attack by Cross American.

My preference is the Orbot in most situations. On a carpet you are unsure of use Punch or Hydrox, after you are done with Orbot if you feel the carpet needs extracting then you can do so with out foam city, carpet has been presprayed and scrubbed no wasted time.



Rick Gelinas

Re: orbot or steamin demon

December 9 2010, 4:41 PM 

Matt & David nailed it. You guys get a gold star.

I don't have anything more that I could add. I agree 100%

Well done gentlemen.

Rick Gelinas


[linked image]


Re: orbot or steamin demon

December 10 2010, 7:12 AM 

Wow they still give those away ?

loved bringing home papers with those gold stars on them
Only because it was rare



December 10 2010, 10:59 PM 

David, are you off the Steamin Demon Train?

Several if not more years ago, it were your comments of confidence that got me to buy mine!

do you use them any more? any thoughts?




December 11 2010, 8:05 AM 

thanks for information


Re: thanks

December 11 2010, 11:10 AM 

I am still on the Train
We still use Steamin Demons all the time. They are just like any tool know when and not to use them to get the best production.

Most apt managers want it fast and cheap Encap spot extract where needed.

Some property managers will pay my rates to scrub and extract, I use the Steamin Demon for those.

Funny story: we sold one of our building a Sprint and a Demon, they still call me to do a ton of work while I use the same equipment they have plus an Orbot. GO figure.

So yes I still use the Demon, 1/2 of my residential settings, ( in colder weather 100% I live in MA) commercial that needs extracting, in my rug plant for extracting.

We have three Demons (not human ones) one stays in the rug plant, one on each truck.

My Thoughts Sure glad we have the SD because I do not want to pull hoses when it is cold out, it beats bringing in my Cross American.

I am thinking about getting a Water Otter to use it for a pressure module, mount it on one of our Demons, slap a glide on it to see how it will do on bathroom and kitchen T&G.

This Demon is getting retrofitted to Higher Heat and Pressure any how, if experiment works we will not have to lug a lot of equipment doing high rise T&G


stamin demon

February 10 2011, 3:14 PM 

joe do you still have it for sale. if so can you send me some pics to thanks rob


steamin demon

August 16 2011, 10:22 PM 

Hi. I assume the steamin demon is long gone... but if not I would really be interested. Thanks rick

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