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Encap and Carpet Protector

December 16 2010 at 9:50 PM

Danny Guerra 

I am just wondering how you guys sell the carpet protector after explaining to the customers that their carpets will stay cleaner with the encap method?

Also, are you offering different price packages like the standard package, Deluxe package and the premium package to your customers. This way it gives them a choice and it does not make us look like we are tryng to push the upsale?

Danny Guerra
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Floor & Carpet Care


Selling protector

December 17 2010, 5:40 PM 


There are a variety of way you can explain the benefit to the customer here is one option!

Mr. / Mrs. Customer, it has always been a rule of thumb that you want to wait as long as possible to clean you new carpet because after it has been cleaned it will re-soil rapidly. That is no longer the case with the new technology in cleaning chemistry! The chemistry used by our company leaves no dirt attracting residue, in fact it dries into a dry non sticky substance that will easily vacuum out of the carpet if any is left behind! In addition to that it has a built in carpet protector that replaces the protector that the manufacture used and wares out over time! No what that protector does is put a layer of protection on the carpet fiber similar to a Non Stick surface on a frying pan. It will protect you carpet from staining when you have spills. Now even though it is built into the chemistry we use it is a good practice to apply additional protector to the walk areas and common areas for added protection! You could even think of it like an extended warranty, extending the life of your cleaning as well as giving you additional time to blot up a stain before it needs the help of a professional!

or you could just give them a discount on the cleaning if the purchase the protector in addition to the cleaning! LOL

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