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Got my feet wet

February 17 2011 at 3:26 PM
Steve Borcherdt 

I had my first experience with encap yesterday. It wasn't how I wanted it or how I envisioned it but its official.

I got a job from someone who provides move out services in commercial buildings. They were looking to replace their regular guy who essentially quit on them. I had little time to plan and no budget.

I received a gallon of 'sample' product and because the Procaps machine I was renting was supposed to have a solution tank but was mysteriously missing it, they rented it for free. Cost of Goods sold zero outside of my time. It was a small job just 1900 square feet.

It had two floors and the bottom floor was trashed with traffic grooves instead of lanes. There was a bit of what I guess was greasy boot prints that came mostly out leading to my first question. Is the process for hard to remove spots to 'spray, scrub and repeat' or could I have used a more advanced technique?

The traffic grooves were discolored and had a loss of color. What is the best practice for such areas.

I am definitely looking to adding more of this work in the future and plan to upgrade equipment and chemical.

All concerned were pleased with the final result. I am happy, too, but want to increase my skill and knowledge level to be the best I can be.

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2.05 cents

February 17 2011, 4:10 PM 

I don't know what the 'sample' product was, and I have never used a 'Procaps' machine, however it appears that you have done well for solution and equipment as a test run, getting it all for free. wink.gif

I think your 1900 F2 equals about 200 square yards, roughly the same in square metres.

This would take me about one hour with my beloved Big Yella. happy.gif

One hour would pay me between $150.00 -$200.00 in a commercial situation.

To get the ultimate clean, my choice of equipment would be a 19" Cimex and Releasit DS ( I also tend to add Oz's equivalent of HYDROX to the solution tank for light carpets), and Punch as a pre-spray spotter (naturally).

All of this is only my opinion.

First up, my way is to vacuum SLOWLY with a quality powerful vacuum cleaner to get as much dry soiling as possible, going fast with the vacuum does not give as good a result.

After a thorough vacuum, I'll spot the greasy marks and leave until I 'Mex; them.

DO NOT OVER-APPLY CLEANING SOLUTION, it is a waste of product and not necessary, instead, make several dry passes over the marked areas after one pass with the DS solution.

I have also been known to let the 'Mex; work on a bad spot for some time, occasionally, moving the machine from side to side and also in a back & forward motion.

Loss of color cannot be replaced by cleaning, although I have found that (especially on polyprops;), the carpet appears to "shine" or reflect light better when encapsulated, (is that a word ?), than hwe ever did for me.

Again, I also think that the Hydrox helps in this regard.

I like that you want to increase your skill and knowledge in encapsulation techniques, we should all strive to do the very best we can in our chosen field and I wish you well.

One thing that I would like to stress to all new encappers, that was impressed upon me in the ballroom of the old Riviera Casino in Las Vegas ----------------


Learn to encap; properly, and the world (or your city) is your oyster.

Once again, the above is only my opinion and I may be wrong in many peoples eyes, but that's my way, take from it whatever you wish.

Shortwun Down Under.


Re: 2.05 cents

February 18 2011, 9:40 AM 

I agree with Shorty....of course!

There is much better equipment and chems out there than a Procaps machine. Get with Rick and I'm sure he can upgrade you to something that will make easy work of projects like that.

Steve Borcherdt

Shorty and Richard

February 18 2011, 10:36 AM 

Thanks for your comments. I appreciate them since I am here to learn. As I mentioned in the opening statement it was not how I wanted to get into encapsulation. I envisioned owning a Cimex and Releasit products. I had from Sunday when I got the call until Wednesday 9AM to 'throw it together' and no budget. As it was, I made close to $500 for 1905 sq ft @.20 and 27 stairs @3.85 per stair (HWE) with a sample and free rental on a Procaps machine. They were happy and I were happy, too! I am now looking at churches and big building differently, if you catch my drift.


Re: 2.05 cents

February 18 2011, 10:33 PM 

I have been doing encapping with Cimex for about 3 months. The question I have is, how much solution to put down? Exactly what am I looking for? I'm only getting about 200 sf per gallon in the machine. I feel I'm putting too much down because I want to see a whitening of the carpet. Please advise! Thanks


Scroll down

February 18 2011, 10:37 PM 

Randy, scroll down a few posts until you see this:

Cimex stuff???

It's all perfectly explained for you there.



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