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March 20 2011 at 1:18 AM

Hi Shorty,
When you had MRSA what did you do to get rid of it?
I got it from a doctor at a hospital. Having a difficult time to get rid of it. Very frustrating.

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Mrs A

March 20 2011, 2:18 AM 

I had an open wound on my leg that went from above my knee to halfway down my tibia.

My right knee had been crumbled and my tibia fractured.

Bone was grafted from my hip to my knee.

Once a day, the nurses would come around, remove the bandage from my leg and then take out the 5' of packing tape that was in the wound.

They would then irrigate the wound with a saline water solution.

They would then re-pack fresh bandage into the wound and close me up again with another clean bandage.

For six months I had been on a drip feed of Vancomycin.

I was also on 3 x 500mm of Naprosyn tablets per day. (Because they "forgot" to take me off them).

I spat the dummy, (means I got agro and tried to punch out this young kid about 27, "disease specialist"), when he took the high road and told me that they would amputate my leg, that I was "just" a patient, and "HE" was the specialist.

What did I do ??

Twice a day, early morning and mid-late afternoon, I would get a wheel chair, the same kit as what the nurses used, plus fresh bandages, etc;

I would then proceed in the wheelchair across to the Cairns Esplanade, a big grassy area on the foreshore of Trinity Inlet.

I would find a spot away from the people, remove all the bandages and packing and flush the wound the same as the nurses did.


Bear in mind, this was an open wound about twelve inches long and an inch and a half wide.

Raw flesh and very tender, my tibia was also visible partially.

My theory was that U.V. killed bacteria, and ten minutes, twice a day SHOULD NOT burn the flesh.

After this, I would then re-pack the wound, then wrap it all up again with a clean bandage.

Two weeks after I started doing this, they wheeled me into surgery, removed the titanium plate in my leg, (which I still have), stitched me up and told me to get out as they never wanted to see me again because they were unable to find any trace on Mrs A in my system.

Down the track, when I was returning to the outpatient department for my monthly check-ups, I asked an old resident orthopaedic surgeon about what I had done, re; the sun & u.v.

He told me that the other people were ready to amputate and that I had saved my own leg by doing what I did.

I asked him why the hospital didn't allow all their patients with Mrs A to do what I did.

His reply, ?? "LITIGATION, if something goes wrong, the hospital is liable".

One other thing, when I first asked the nurses for the kit after spitting the dummy, they did ask me if I had Doctors permission to which I said "NO"!!

They then phoned this same old bloke and asked him about it and his reply was, "If that's what Shorty wants to do, let him do it".

I also didn't have Mrs A until they opened up my leg, (cut me).

I guess it's the same with everything, unless you ask, no-one will tell you.

I blame the bacteria in the hospital air conditioning, also possibly unclean practices with instruments, etc; but I can't confirm this.

I do know that several older hospitals here in the north that don't have air conditioning, have never had a Mrs A infection.

I have also heard of others saving their limbs by using "Manuka" honey from New Zealand on open wounds.

I don't know why this type of honey and can't really verify it's truth.

Hope this helps,



Re: Mrs A

March 20 2011, 11:06 AM 

I went to the hospital to remove basil skin cancer spots. The
Doctor did not disinfect the area before freezing or removal of spots.
Two days later MRSA. What a joke.

Shorty, I am glad you kicked the MRSA and the Doctor. I really enjoy your
messages and knowledge.

Joe M

Two typs

March 20 2011, 2:02 PM 

There are two types of MRSA. One is Community-acquired the 2nd is hospital-acquired. What does yours look like. Spider bite or a zit then its community based. If so a trip to your doctor and some antibiotics will take care of it, if you get it in time.

Hospital MRSA, is usually in an open wound type setting. I had community based. Which cause my upper lip to almost burst open. If you have something like a zit looking sore, DO NOT POP IT. Use hot towels to apply to the area. You still need to be seen by a DR. Oh and you are now a carrier of it as well. Welcome to the club.

Rick Thode

Re: Mrs A

March 21 2011, 7:31 PM 

Hi Bruce:

I'm sorry to hear about that. I hope you get better soon.

Rick Thode
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