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Upholstery cleaning

May 29 2011 at 1:03 PM

Does anyone use the rotary upholstery brush to clean auto upholstery.
Possible Polyester or a Polyester/Nylon mix?

I have a brush attachment for the drill supplied by ES, I have not used it on this fabric yet.

It can best be described as low, tight-woven, acrylic feeling fabric. I encountered also on some church pews I was cleaning, and another older chair.

My apprehension is that it will separate the fibers and create a kind of matted, worn look. This happened when I was scrubbing on a church pew using a scrub brush, that I typically use on carpet stains. The scrub brush caused the material to sort of fray, and it didn't have the same look afterwards.

Does anyone know if the upholstery brush attachment is soft enough not to damage this material. I'm pretty sure it is some sort of Polyester, or Polyester and Nylon mix?

Joe M


May 29 2011, 4:42 PM 

When in doubt, hand shampoo. Releasit DS works great for hand shampooing. I do upholstery all the time this way. Use a horse hair bruch or a sea sponge to control foam, towel dirt off.


Rick Gelinas

Re: mmm

May 29 2011, 6:55 PM 

I agree 100% with what Joe posted above...
"When in doubt, hand shampoo. Releasit DS works great for hand shampooing. I do upholstery all the time this way. Use a horse hair bruch or a sea sponge to control foam, towel dirt off."

When you're using the Rota-Brush attachment for a drill, run the drill at a lower speed setting. Never use it at full speed. You can pre-spray the fabric. And you can also dunk the brush head into a bucket of mixed DS. Keep the fabric lubricated with detergent and light foam. Gently agitate the fiber with the brush attached to a drill. The Rota-Brush works well on durable commercial upholstery. Use caution and watch what you're doing. And like Joe mentioned, if in doubt use a horsehair brush or a sea sponge and brush the upholstery by hand.

Rick Gelinas



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