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Tile and Grout Cleaning

May 29 2011 at 1:08 PM

Does anyone use an OP machine to clean tile and grout. I have a challenger with a brush attachment, I have used it with mixed results and the whole process was very messy. However, I am going to give it another run, so far I have been advised to use a plastic guard around the machine to reduce splash. Any input on type of chemical, and maybe an inexpensive vapor steamer that may help with the cleaning. The main reason I stopped using it before was the harsh chemical involved, I was advised to use a descaler followed by a neutralizer which does not go over well with our goal to use healthy cleaning products. Thanks for any input.

Nick Palumbo

Re: Tile and Grout Cleaning

May 30 2011, 11:04 AM 

There are quite a few people who use a 175rpm rotary or the orbot or cimex.I normally don't have a problem with splashing with my orbot and pads. Chemicals used and dwell time means a lot. Also a nice grout brush on a pole works wonders. I use 2790 and at times you don't even have to scrub. Some people like VV. I'm not sure what Rick has but I'm sure he has something. Oxyblaster from magic wand some folk say is good but I haven't tried it. Also vacaway has something but I don't remember the name. I hope this helps.


Re: Tile and Grout Cleaning

May 31 2011, 8:51 PM 

spray with 2790, scrub with brush (you can do this with just a grout brush), suck it up (with pads or wet/dry vac).

I use Hi-Test from Nuline. It's about the same as 2790 without the hazmat charge on case lots. 2790 had the shipping changed to ODM so the hazmat fee is gone on case lots.

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