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This board and Encap-Spot

June 18 2011 at 12:08 PM
Steve Borcherdt  

Grateful I am!! I cleaned a residential job and was unable to remove a spot in a bedroom. The first time client called later and was very unhappy that I had not gotten the spot out even though it will be hidden under a bed. She was not present during the cleaning. She was most upset over the price and the fact that I could not remove the spot.

I had explained my guarantee and that I would be happy to return to attempt to remove the spot.
Experience told me this could be red wine. Research on this board suggested Encap-Spot would get it out.

I returned and as fortune would have it I had a 17" rental machine with me. I applied Encap-Spot and used a Z-brush to remove the spot. Since it still looked wet I threw a clean dry microfiber bonnet under my floor machine and buffed it dry. Shazamm!! It disappeared and Zip Zap I was done and the client although she didn't admit it was "floored"
Thanks to the board and Encap-Spot I saved my reputation and my entire job ticket.

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Rick Gelinas

Re: This board and Encap-Spot

June 18 2011, 2:05 PM 

To borrow an expression from Steve Toburen It's all about making "CHEERLEADERS".

And it sounds like that's what you've done. COOL! Happy to hear it worked out for you.

Rick Gelinas



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June 20 2011, 1:55 PM 

Is this product stronger than Encap D/S2 & will it ever be sold in a gallon jug?


Rick Gelinas

Re: Encap-Spot

June 20 2011, 2:13 PM 

It is an entirely different formulation that Encap-Clean DS2.

Encap-Clean DS2 is formulated on a shampoo platform. I does will know is the best thing encap product on the planet! On the other hand, Encap-Spot is formulated as a multipurpose spot cleaner that's balanced within encapsulating polymer. So they're totally different. And as you'd expect from Releasit - Encap-Spot is a seriously kick butt product too. happy.gif

Rick Gelinas



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