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How much solution with a rotary?

July 20 2011 at 2:14 PM
Steve Borcherdt  

I have 13 years in HWE but I am new to encap and want a Cimex in the future.
For now, I am renting a 175 speed floor machine, mounting my own solution tank, using fiber plus pads and Releasit products. I am clear on how to apply solution with a Cimex with a solution pass and a dry pass. I am not as confident with how to gauge the correct solution rate with the the rotary. I recently did a job that worked out okay but I was not confident about an even distribution of product and hence a uniform cleaning. Are there any standard instructions/guidelines you might give a new employee that could help me?


Joe M

Re: How much solution with a rotary?

July 20 2011, 5:03 PM 

You want to see a white mist same as if you were using the mex. You dont want to see foam. So you feather the trigger the same as on the mex.

Steve Borcherdt

Re: How much solution with a rotary?

July 20 2011, 5:29 PM 

So, I make a fast 6' pass to the right with the solution on to wet the carpet and then go back over the same path slower and feather it as I go back to the left? Then move 1/2 a pad forward and make another fast wet pass?

David Edwards

Re: How much solution with a rotary?

July 20 2011, 10:10 PM 

If doing, for example, a typical bedroom (say 12 x 12), I'll go ahead and lay solution down throughout the room, then drop back where I started for the dry passes - from that point on, I apply only enough solution to the room to keep the brush/pad damp. You'll know when it's needed by the feel of your machine (friction).

Another thing I did long ago was to go and buy a valve that goes to the water line of toilets (you know, the one you shut off water to the toilet with) and put it in my solution line. This allows me to open/close it enough that I can, if desired, hold the tank open and meter the flow.

David Edwards

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