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Cooking Oil?

November 13 2011 at 10:46 AM

Does anyone know how to get cooking oil out of Commercial Glue Down carpet using an op machine?

I ask because I had a very small job this morning and they had spilled some Crisco on the carpet, the stain came out well, but there seemed to still be some oil residue when I left.

It seems like the best bet would be to break it down with something and then HWE.

However, we do not HWE, and usually pass on any jobs that would be better served with HWE.

What about grease (mechanical or other) also?

I cleaned a Korean Restaurant not too long ago, they had a ton of oil saturation due to their buffet and walks from the kitchen to the front, told them that encap might not be the best for their current situation, however they still wanted me to do the job, broke the grease down (semi) with Oil Eater, then Encapped with fiber plus pad, came out alright, but like I said we usually pass on these jobs, but they insisted after demo.



Rick Gelinas

Re: Cooking Oil?

November 14 2011, 11:28 AM 

Hi Brandon,

You may be pushing the envelope. If you're sitting on a big wad of grease, you probably should be looking at HWE. In a perfect world I would recommend going with HWE for a carpet that's this impacted with grease. But yours is not a perfect world since you don't have HWE. So let's get creative. Pre-spray the carpet with Encap-Punch, mixed at 24 ounces per gallon = very strong! Give it plenty of dwell time. And then take your time with plenty of bonnets. Change your bonnets frequently. Continue to work with the area repeating the process over and over until you can get the oil under control. It's a bit of a long-shot, but if you'll really take your time and patiently work through it with a strong dilution of Encap-Punch and plenty of bonnets there's a possibility that you can get the carpet to clean up reasonably well. Crazier things have been done.

Rick Gelinas



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I may get in trouble, but,

November 18 2011, 9:41 AM 

The first thing to do is scrap up as much as possible. Then take a GOOD oil/grease cutter (I like Blaze) and mix it in a small bottle/cup 3:1 HOT water to cleaner. Scrub it in with a brush, scrape up the foamy grease.

Spray the floor with the standard mix for heavy soil/grease and do that section last. Scrub it in with your fiberplus pad then pad it out with OLD (or they will become) stained pads you only use on commercial jobs or microfiber pads.

I cleaned an auto dealer (ebay dealer) office with the mechanic's shop attached. There was auto grease/oil/fluids throughout the hallways. When I was done the owner discovered his carpet was powderish blue not blue grey. I was showing another franchise owner the possibilities with padding vs the RV360 (I was faster with similar results and much faster dry times).

Reminds me, about time to call him up for an annual cleaning.

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