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Here is why I asked for the wrong answer for a change.

January 18 2012 at 1:01 PM
Joe M 

A few weeks ago I cleaned an eye doctors office, I do it like once a year. Well this time he called me back seems the plant in the cornor leaked water onto the rug after I cleaned it ( I might of hit it with the rotory during cleaning).

I called asking to talk to Rick and spoke with one of the girls, she told me use Hydrox at 20oz to a gal, spray, let dwell and then clean.

Well I did just that, the stain strated to fade when I was spraying and the office girls that were watching were like wow. I let it dwell and then hit it with a pad then put my small blower on it and it was gone.

So thanks for the correct answer, again. Once again Rick, your staff and your products come through.


Rick Gelinas

Re: Here is why I asked for the wrong answer for a change.

January 18 2012, 1:51 PM 

Hey Joe,

Thanks for those nice words. You made our day. Everyone here is eager to help our customers with technical questions. Our staff gets trained pretty intensively on all the various aspects and attributes of our products. So it's great to hear that it's working! That's our goal.

Tanoah who you spoke with has been with us a little under a year. She's super sharp! She really picks things up quickly, asks good questions, she wants to know how and why stuff works the way that it does. And in our weekly staff meetings product knowledge is some of the information we consider together.

It's my goal to build a killer company that addresses all facets of commercial carpet cleaning. We really do have OCCD around here. Or at least you could say we're all obsessive! Well thanks again for your nice comments!!! I shared what you said with Tanoah and she said it made her day too. happy.gif

Rick Gelinas




Re: Here is why I asked for the wrong answer for a change.

January 18 2012, 9:55 PM 

The ladies who answer the phone are great! Tanoah was a big help to me yesterday with some problematic upholstery.

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