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Cordless Mytee vs. Cordless Penguin sprayer

March 25 2012 at 8:51 PM
dennis brian  

Does anyone have experience with the 5 gallon Penguin cordless sprayer and the 5 gallon cordless Mytee sprayer? We are trying to decide which is the better one to buy.

Al Taylor

Re: Cordless Mytee vs. Cordless Penguin sprayer

March 25 2012, 10:44 PM 

I've never had the Mytee so I couldn't tell u about that except whats written. However I do own a Penguin. I had it for about 3years and I was happy with its perfornance. It has a 40 psi pump with a long coiled hose that can take you about 75 ft without moving the unit. I can fill the 5 gallon tank with water and stick my bucket heater in there and heat it while vacuuming.

Manufacturer has upgraded the unit now to 100 psi. larger wheels. and the pump is also more durable I guess is the word for it. Battery life will never die for over charging. its a great sprayer.

But what I like most is the customer service that is given by the manufactuer. Top notch. If you ever have any concern about Penguin They will deal with you as if you are their family, and thats literal. They're neck and neck with Excellent Supply when it comes to cust service.

Al Taylor

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