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DS1 vs DS2

April 11 2012 at 6:12 PM

I received my order today and I realized i ordered ds1 instead of ds2 Is there a big difference?? Please let me know



Rick Gelinas

Re: DS1 vs DS2

April 11 2012, 6:23 PM 

They are very similar. On the carpet - they perform on par with each other.

Here's an overview of the differences between these two products...

Encap-Clean was our first product. It mixed at 8 oz per gallon. It cleaned great, and crystallized extremely well.

Then we discovered that we could double the raw ingredients in Encap-Clean to make a more cost effective version of the product so we produced Encap-Clean DS. The "DS" stands for Double Strength since Encap-Clean DS mixed at 4 oz per gallon. Encap-Clean DS became our top product. It's extremely popular and an excellent all around encap performer.

Yet some folks observed that if Encap-Clean or Encap-Clean DS was used in a spray application it could make them cough. Actually just about any lauryl-sulfate detergent can cause a person to cough if the detergent gets atomized into fine droplets. So we had our chemist look into it. And after a lot of R&D we came up with a product that cleaned as well as the original Encap-Clean DS, it still crystallized beautifully, but it wouldn't cause an irritation if it was sprayed. This new formulation is called Encap-Clean2 (8 0z per gallon), and Encap-Clean DS2 (4 oz per gallon).

But there were still some people who wanted the original formula. Guess it's kind of like the New Coke / Original Coke thing. So in order to keep everyone happy we brought back the original formula too. The original formula was given a new name Encap-1 DS. The name Encap-1 is appropriate for this one since this was actually our first formula.

If you'd like more information on any of the products, this page has Product Information Sheets for each product...

Rick Gelinas



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Kevin Pearson

Re: DS1 vs DS2

April 13 2012, 7:58 AM 

As someone that has been using it since there was only Encap-Clean. I like the smell of the original and so I was real happy when Rick brought back the original DS.

Rick it could be like a Coke / New Coke thing or (to keep it industry related) it could be like an IICRC / The Clean Trust thing.

Kevin Pearson

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