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Cimex Solution Valve Finally Working Correctly

May 16 2012 at 10:58 AM
Steve Dills 

I have had a problem with my Cimex supplying too much solution to the carpet from day one. This was especially a problem when the tank was full. The work around I used was shutting the valve about 1/2 way when fulle and opening it up as the tank drained. The real solution was much simplier. I purchased a new spring thinking the spring was not smashing the vinal tube enough. My original spring was still good. When I took the plunger unit apart I saw the blue plastic plunger has the trigger wire threaded into it. I replaced the spring but the problem continued. The wire to the trigger did not have any slack on it when relaxed. I simply unthreaded the plunger about 1/8" which allowed the spring to apply it's full tention on the tube. I now have a little backlash on the trigger when not pulled. By making the entire assembly about 1/8" longer solved a problem I have been fighting for two years. Originally the tube looked closed but when I blew into the tube there was not a complete seal. Now there is. The Cimex works like it is suppose to and I get the ft per gallon I am suppose to instead of 1/2 the correct rate. I hope others benifit from my struggles and simple solution.


Re: Cimex Solution Valve Finally Working Correctly

May 16 2012, 12:30 PM 

idk if i totally understand your description. let me ask you, when the Cimex was in your van and if it had sol still in the tank, would that sol spill out through the pad drivers even when the trigger wasn't being held?

if so i have never had that fortunately.

i do however notice as the tank gets down to about 1 gallon of sol, the "stream" of sol does weaken some. no biggie for me as i am used to it. i just tend to hold the trigger down all the way when it weakens like that.

glad you fixed your Cimex! for someone as mechanically un-inclined as i am, this is the machine that even i am comfortable working on. that said, i still keep a spare Cimex on the van. good "insurance plan" and it was a good write-off as well happy.gifhappy.gifhappy.gif now if only i could get my wife to run that 2nd Cimex after she finishes vacuuming instead of reading her book or playing solitaire lol.

Steve Dills

Re: Cimex Solution Valve Finally Working Correctly

May 16 2012, 1:37 PM 

I never could lift a fully loaded Cimex into my van. (Humor) If I would let the machine running when moving "stuff" it would drain and I would have a floor that looked like shaving cream. It just was not adjusted correctly. I should have known something was up since I got really poor production rates. The carpet was too wet. Since I fixed it the carpet is only damp and just a clean. Several threads about slow dry times and wet the next day. The valve and too much solution could be the problem.


Re: Cimex Solution Valve Finally Working Correctly

May 17 2012, 1:17 PM 

"Several threads about slow dry times and wet the next day."

really? i must have missed those threads, i've never read of that problem w/ a Cimex on any of the forums.

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