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Thanks Derek

May 21 2012 at 9:11 AM
rick lord  

I recently got a very good deal on two rebuilt by Dyson Vacuums. I read your comments on a thread about how Dyson's work even after vecuumming wet areas, so on my friday job which was at one of my accounts that the carpet doesn't show the swirls I didn't bring in my grooming rake. Well tured out they were having me do a bunch of new (to me) areas and one of them was an office with a different type carpet that the swirls showed up in. I would of had to go down stairs across the facility to the loading ram and get my brush. Decided to use the Dyson and what a great job it did, carpet looked great and the good news is I kept using it on the other areas they had with no problems.
All my previous vacuums would quit working immediately after used being on wet carpet.
Thanks you saved me a long trip on a hot Georgia day, I never would of even attempted it if I hadn't read that post.


Re: Thanks Derek

May 21 2012, 10:33 AM 

haha glad it worked for you Rick. like i said, so far the Dyson DC07 has worked for me. idk if the newer versions will work differently and "inhale" any of that moisture...that wouldn't be good.

since Dyson has stopped making the DC07 a few years ago, it has become VERY hard to find a decent refurb'ed yellow unit anymore. i'll only buy the yellow, matches all my other equipment and my van lol.


Kevin Pearson

Re: Thanks Derek

May 21 2012, 5:53 PM 

Derek, this is good to know. Thanks for the info. I always knew you were a smart guy.

Funny how we like things because of color too. I don't much like blue, I prefer red when drying things and ole yeller when cleaning. Geez, starting to sound like I am from Alabama, gotta go.

Kevin Pearson

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