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Full Version: Brochure or Flyer ??
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Who has a Brochure or Flyer for Commercial Properties??

Can I see it??


I have these for my residential & leather businesses, but never did one for my commercial clients:   Huh Rolleyes

Several years back now, I DID have A4's made up as per Rick's CMS DVD.

OKAY, OKAY, so it MAY have been a decade ago, (or a little more).

When you live where I do, you can't rush these things. Wink

Maybe I should look at that again & restructure the form for my biz: ??

But, to be fair, if you show me yours, I'll show you mine.

I'm very sure that many of us could benefit from these posts.

Hi Shorty,
What I use is basically the same info that is on my website.
Swing over to DeepClean.us.com and hit the "commercial carpet cleaning" tab.
I have a 8.5 x11 glossy flyer with the same pic and info with my logo on top.
Not real fancy but it seems to get the job done while keeping a consistent look and message!

I am planning to bring a few fresh marketing pieces to the table soon for our commercial carpet cleaning crowd here. Stay tuned. Smile