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I started my cleaning business back in March 1982. In 1983 a friend introduced me to commercial carpet cleaning and I fell in love with it. It's been in my blood ever since.

During the first couple of decades cleaning commercial carpet I kept hitting a brick wall when it came to solving the problems that are unique to commercial carpet. I kept going back to our industry searching for a suitable solution, but I kept coming up short.

Around 2001 I decided to take make a Chemstractor style machine out of a Cimex machine. But it was at about the same time that I discovered new detergent technologies based on crystallizing polymers. Recent advancements in the field of polymer chemistry was making it possible to newly developed employ polymers in the carpet cleaning process. I quickly saw that this new approach could solve ALL the problems we had been encountering with commercial carpets.

I shared what I was learning on message boards such as the ICS message board. In fact I had the distinction of being the first person to coin the name ENCAPSULATION to describe this new process. No one had heard of "encapsulation" back then, and the good ol' Truckmount crowd had a good try at tearing into me that I was crazy. Well I can't deny that - I may be a little crazy, but what I had stumbled upon was working. Soon this new form of cleaning caught on, and encapsulation gained momentum. It's been an honor to have played a part in this movement within our industry.

While encapsulation was still in its infancy, I partnered with a chemical company and together with a couple of bright chemists - we developed the Releasit line of encapsulation detergents. Keep in mind, I was approaching this from the mindset of a commercial carpet cleaner. I knew what I was looking for in these products, and I was relentless in my pursuit of the ultimate encap products. I'm proud of what we've developed. Releasit stands at the front of the encap products on the market today, and we are always striving to make these products even better.

Getting back to the Cimex. I could see that the idea of turning a Cimex machine into a Chemstractor wold no longer be necessary since the detergent encapsulated and could be recovered during the post-vacuuming process. The Cimex was clearly the best machine for encap scrubbing so we began to sell Cimex machines along with Releasit detergent and our FiberPlus pads.

These events led to the creation of Excellent-Supply.com where Cimex machines, and Encap products, as well any other item needed for commercial cleaning could be found. Excellent Supply has become a place where cleaners who share the same obsession for commercial carpet cleaning can find what they need to excel at commercial carpet care.

So from my early days struggling to find a way to clean commercial carpets, to the point we're at now with Releasit and Excellent Supply it's been an interesting and rewarding journey. And it's far from over. We are still exploring new ways to improve every aspect of our business. In fact this message board is one of those little things we can offer to our industry. It contains over 10 years of searchable discussion and data. A goldmine of information relating to just about everything you might wonder about growing a successful commercial carpet cleaning enterprise.

So please join in the discussion here on the EncapBoard. You may also enjoy our EncapBlog. If I (or my awesome staff) can assist you in any way, please don't hesitate to ask. I wish you success as you move forward in your business!

Rick Gelinas
The Encapman
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