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Brochure or Flyer ?? - Lounge Lizards - 06-18-2017

Who has a Brochure or Flyer for Commercial Properties??

Can I see it??


I have these for my residential & leather businesses, but never did one for my commercial clients:   Huh Rolleyes

Several years back now, I DID have A4's made up as per Rick's CMS DVD.

OKAY, OKAY, so it MAY have been a decade ago, (or a little more).

When you live where I do, you can't rush these things. Wink

Maybe I should look at that again & restructure the form for my biz: ??

But, to be fair, if you show me yours, I'll show you mine.

I'm very sure that many of us could benefit from these posts.


RE: Brochure or Flyer ?? - lee@deepclean.us.com - 06-18-2017

Hi Shorty,
What I use is basically the same info that is on my website.
Swing over to DeepClean.us.com and hit the "commercial carpet cleaning" tab.
I have a 8.5 x11 glossy flyer with the same pic and info with my logo on top.
Not real fancy but it seems to get the job done while keeping a consistent look and message!


RE: Brochure or Flyer ?? - encapman - 06-19-2017

I am planning to bring a few fresh marketing pieces to the table soon for our commercial carpet cleaning crowd here. Stay tuned. Smile

RE: Brochure or Flyer ?? - Kenny Hayes - 07-12-2017

OMG, "THE GURU of the encapboard, and Guru of both boards, well commercial carpet cleaning, is asking this? How can that be?
I've been lurking for YEARS and can't believe what I'm reading?‍♂️ But , I don't have one either, but I'm just the janitor??‍♂️ Let's let Rick do the work, and seee what happens! I do have a lead add for floor finishing, and web site, but I could use the other.? Have a good one GURU.?

RE: Brochure or Flyer ?? - Lounge Lizards - 07-13-2017

Kenny, if per chance you are talking about me, well, I've never professed to be a Guru. Dodgy

Many have called me an expert. Rolleyes

We both know that an ex is a has been, & a spurt is a drip under pressure.

I'm no fool, I know that. Blush

Many others still don't.

Idea  Never ever, be afraid to ask.

Don't simply lurk, say something. Undecided

Many are afraid to ask questions, hopefully, my questions may help some of these people out. Big Grin