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Videos of the BrushEncap CRB machine and the VARIO Orbital machine
I just put together a series of 5 short videos showing the BrushEncap CRB machine and the Vario Orbital machine. I loaded the 5 videos onto this page. Take a look...
  • Video-1 Shows us adding additional soil to a commercial carpet that had average soil before we began.
  • Video-2 Shows the BrushEncap machine removing dry soil from the carpet.
  • Video-3 Shows the 5 gallon Penguin Sprayer.
  • Video-4 Shows how well the BrushEncap machine cleaned a heavily soiled carpet.
  • Video-5 Shows the Vario machine cleaning carpet in Shower-feed mode and in Spray mode.

Thought you guys might like to see the Vario and the BrushEncap in action.
Here are the videos without going to the separate page...

VLM-Demo Part 1: Dirtying a Carpet

VLM-Demo Part 2: Dry Soil Recovery with the BrushEnap Machine

VLM-Demo Part 3: Using a Battery Sprayer

VLM-Demo Part 4: Encap Cleaning with the BrushEncap Machine

VLM-Demo Part 5: Encap and Bonnet Cleaning with the Vario Machine
Thanks Rick, Very informative. I did not see you mix the solution when you put it in the penguin sprayer, I have the big boss and always wonder how much to shake it up? Also I cant wait to see you do a comprehensive upholstrey encapping video!
No need to shake it up. Just measure the Releasit and add it to the water. The Releasit will disperse into the water without having to do anything special to mix it.
Nice Rick and next up is a video showing LM upholstery cleaning using so I can stop explaining it. LOL

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