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Lowboy for sale...
Found a lowboy for sale for only 849.00, heres a link http://seattle.craigslist.org/see/tld/4649110268.html

Doesn't have a wheel kit tho.
(09-13-2014, 07:21 PM)msc1917 Wrote: Doesn't have a wheel kit tho.

"Doesn't have a wheel kit" Idea
Or a swingarm assembly Idea
Or a handle stop for balancing out the machine Idea
Or a sealed oscillation bearing so it can showerfeed Idea
Or a mounted spray & showerfeed system Idea
Or a deck weight set so it's more effective on carpet Idea

It's one of those times where at first it may look like a bargain...
yet in the end it might not be so beneficial. Rolleyes
Actually, the bare bones model of the Lowboy can be useful for basic bonnet cleaning and hard floor cleaning. If your needs are limited, this would be a quality machine at a good price.

PS - I'm moving this thread to the "EQUIPMENT FOR SALE" section of the EncapBoard.

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