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I want to clear out some garage space.
Will Trade all the following items for a portable extractor like the Truckport / 500psi.

27" propane powered floor buffer with 13hp Honda engine and tank. Runs and electric starter in good shape.
27" NSS w/20hp and 12v starter.
27" Eagle Propane buffer with 17hp kawasaki and 12v starter
27" with Honda and 110v electric starter
21" with 14hp Onan with 12v battery starter.
27" NSS battery powered buffer
17" Pioneer SuperBuffer (rare and listed above) w/110v starter
These were trade-ins. (except the battery powered and the 17". They were mine) They all started up and starters were all good.

[Image: Photo0350_zps52e15980.jpg]
[Image: 20141013_112841_zps1c41b51f.jpg]
[Image: 3c980eb2-706b-4993-bd1e-3e5d4f7b6cb6-500...fb273d.jpg]
I wish you were closer, we have a few 500 psi machines
The fall leaves are beautiful this time of year. Come on up Smile

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