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Just want to do residential, at the moment I have a Rotowash & a Rotary the results I am getting are fantastic I spend a lot of time vac & crb using my rotowash dry run, then spray &  agitate then I go over with the Rotary with a scrub pad then run over with a microfibre to quicken drying time & absorb a little more soil, I might even run over with my CRB just to lift the pile again Looks great.
My question I was  thinking of A Hos Orbot would it be that much more beneficial with the cost  of the Orbot  I am not after doing a quicker job I just want the best results I can get.I did have a Cimex but sold it as I do not want Commercial works,. I only want one job per day so time is is not that important as I am only part time .Hope this makes sense.
No. Fight the urge to buy more. You already have a MULTI STEP approach. No more toys right now. You have what sounds like a very detailed way of doing things. And it sounds like you're getting great results. Adding OP on top of what you already have would be overkill IMHO.
Thanks Very much for you opinion stay with what I have. on another note got a call today from a friend young boy was sick just before they went on hols just a quick clean before they left,got back last night rang me this morn I called in vac, Spotter, gone, I just love releasit products. 
Cool Smile
If you can afford it a new Orbot would make for much faster work, and you won't be wore out from swinging your rotary side to side. No need for the extra step with the CRB unless it is a really trashed out carpet. I've used the orbot for about 6 years and just recently upgraded to the "Grumpy" and I must say I like it even better. 

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