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Tile & grout cleaning
Thats a neat looking pad.  I bet that would work well on tile.  I would give it a try if available!
I was able to get a sample green turf pad to try on my autoscrubber. Did a store entryway today and I couldn't really tell it did anything better than my normal autoscrubbing. The tiled is very divoted and needs something that can really get down into those divots Sad

Not sure whether at this point to try something like the 3M brush (cost around $330) or maybe try the cimex brushes (around $200.)

Eventually I'd like to add a good hot water porty to my arsenal and get a tile attachment for that. But right now I'm still "very" small and would like to get some more business before I make that investment. I mainly just want to be able to give a good tile scrub to my existing accounts that have small areas of tile (two grocery stores and two fast food places.)

Any further suggestions appreciated. I'd just like to know before I spend more $ a solution will actually work!


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