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Tile & grout cleaning
OWhat is the best way to clean tile and grout , with steam , spinning head brush and extractor.
Your going to get a lot of answers. LOl. I've cleaned with a hot water extractor 1000psi with a spinner. Works great. I also worked with a rotary with a brush head and a hand brush with a handle still worked very good for me. Steam meaning vapor steam works but very slow. JMO! Also good chemicals and dwell time means a lot also.
NJP nailed it.

A pre-scrub with a Cimex with brushes, rotary with a brush, or a CRB can be helpful. Then use a spinner tool such as this http://www.excellent-supply.com/Turbofor...p_244.html along with a 1000+ psi extractor. The spin tool/extractor combo is a powerful way to dislodge more soil and rinse the floor.
The turbo hybrid encapman mentioned is the best, by far, in my opinion. I have used it for 5+ years and can't imagine not using it. I just recently discovered the increased benefit of using an oreck orbital to pre-scrub on really nasty tile and grout.
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Prestige1, in my business we clean a huge variety of surfaces, including tile.  I use a Dupray vapor steamer, with vacuum attachments (and steam only attachments) on tile and here is why:  In residential installations, I often encounter cracked or loose tile or grout.  In a wood frame structure, poor installation can allow movement, see.  For that reason, I am not comfortable with any form of pressure washing inside, as it could cause damage or water injection.
Vapor is far gentler and uses a fraction of the water, getting stunning results.  It lets me do vertical surfaces and small areas like soap dishes, appliance seams, shower heads and toilet bolts.  For me, that versatility is necessary to the business.

It is absolutely true that it takes more time, but my customers pay well for good work.  Your mileage may vary, of course. Often, I use hand brushes or the 175 or a CRB to prescrub the floors, following up with steaming the grout lines.

Also, the vapor lets me deep clean pretty much anything that does not run off barking.  It is a good match for my needs and I hope it helps as you decide what to buy.
With Respect,
One of the oldest method which I usually prefer to use is mixing 3/4 C baking soda with 1/4 C bleach make it a thick paste and apply on the grouts and leave it for 5-10 minutes .After that scrub it with tooth brush .I have got some nice stuff of tiles & stones which I am  going to apply in my bathroom after some months .
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This is a funny thing, and you will definitely get allot of answers. I don't think there is a definitive answer, every job is a little different and grout is the least predicable thing to clean. Sometimes grout comes clean no prob., other times no matter what you do its hard to make any improvement.

My company has a carpet division and a stone division as well so I do a lot everything. Lately some of the best results I have got is with a "multiwash" machine. Its a low moisture crb that recovers the water/chemical almost instantly. You have the ability to change out brushes for the job your doing. For me, I have found that good brush agitation seems to work better then hardcore chemicals etc... The plus is the machine is simple and quick. Sounds weird but I have got some of the best results using a crb machine.
Groovyjon, I use a Duplex dp420. What a fantastic workhorse! Good suggestion, especially as it is low impact and low moisture.
With Respect,
I agree Act One.. I personally don't like the harsh chemicals and steam clean is debatable. The debate with steam is it can possibly compromise the integrity of the grout. Not sure if that is true or not, in our industry it seems for anything good there is always an argument that its bad as well. My motto is if it works for you then run with it.

All I can say is the crb has given me great results, less time, and ease of use. Of course that's only if you can qualify a job correctly (comes with experience overtime) in identifying sealers etc. on the floor. I always perform a small demo 1st, a demo will most of the time tell you everything you gonna need to know. Such as, final cleaning result / customer knows what to expect. Time it took for the demo can sometimes tell you how to price the job along with materials used.

Only reason (for me) demos are so important is,, sometimes customers think the floor will look brand new, although you can achieve amazing results a demo shows the result. Which results in the customer knowing what they are getting as opposed to a picture in there head of a brand new floor.

Geeze went on a bit of a rant there.. sorry about that.

Act one, I am gonna have to look in the duplex. I'm looking for something with some more brush width for the bigger jobs like a 20' width. Does duplex make anything like that?
Question for Act One Cleaning, I am "very" interested in steam cleaning tile & grout. I was wondering which Dupray machine you use. I think there is one that has extraction, cause i think using terry cloth towels would ad up VERY fast? Could you tell me a little bit about your method? Thanks.
To answer both of you:  I find the Duplex dp420 to be capable of any task set before me, tile floors up to 5000 square feet, carpet, wood floors, all doable in single sessions.  Excellent Supply sells it; make sure to get the double handle model, not the one with only a one-sided handle.  You will be glad when you have to tote it even a short way.  Also, get a decent dolly for it from Harbor Freight, not an expensive pair of wheels that straps on, because you won't be stressing the machine's handle to rumble it up and down steps, sidewalks and driveways.
Exclellent Supply has a very decent price with financing.

Now about the steamer; I misspoke. I didn't buy from Dupray, I bought from Daimer.  https://www.daimer.com/steam-cleaners/kl...0cv-sc.htm Is the model I use.

IIRC, Dupray is in Canada.  Anyhow, I use a steam-only set of tools and a seperate, steam/vacuum set of tools.  The versatility of this equipment is astonishing and unmatched.  HOWEVER!!! Italians always build Lamborghinis when what you need is a pickup, so be aware that the controls are delicate and designed for a culture that works three hours a day.  I have learned to repair and modify wiring and plumbing to suit my needs.

Look at my videos on Facebook "Act One Cleaning" and website www.actonecleaning.com for pictures and info.  If you ever want to discuss it, my business phone is 256-459-8090.
With Respect,
I'd like to offer commercial T&G tile as an odd on service at places where I either do the VCT work or carpet work.

For scrubbing I have:
Tennant Autoscrubber 20"
20" 175
Orbit Orbiter (for small stuff)

Which would you recommend for scrubbing grouted tile? All the above have pad drivers. Should I add some kind of brushes?
I would use the 175 with the brush pad driver. At least that's what I use. JMO!
Something like this?


I wonder how much better it does than just a scrubbing pad. Definitely not cheap!
Hmm just came across something out new by Americo. Looks like Tennant either is selling something similar or licensing from Americo. These come in multiple sizes. 20" would fit on my 175 or autoscrubber. But interestingly, they also have 8" size which I could use on the cimex.  Can't find anyplace online to buy it from yet though so I have no idea the cost. Maybe Rick should look into selling these for the Cimex. If I come across any posting or reviews I'll edit this post.


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