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I called Rick and he gave me the Brush Off !
I have used stuff called goof off it worked good the only thing wrong it smells like carburetor cleaner and I use spot out after I get the gum out because of the residue left behind.
I use goo gone. It's citrus. I just pour it on and let it sit while I clean. The machine will generally take it up by the time I get to it. May have to scrape a little but it dissolves it nicely.
Be careful applying Goo Gone and Goof Off. I'm sure you already know it, but if the strong solvents get down to the backing the latex can dissolve and delimitation will occur.

That's why I like the 1 minute gum technique:

1. Spray the Gum Spray onto the gum. Wait a couple of seconds for the gum to harden.
2. Then take a blunt scraper tool such as a paint scraper - and chip up the frozen gum. Pick up the gum pieces.
3. Add a small dab of a solvent gel, such as CTI ProSolve gel, or a good citrus gel. Blot the spot with a towel (or paper towels).
Note: I prefer to use paper towels for picking up the gum pieces, and for blotting the solvent gel.

That entire process normally takes less than a minute per piece of gum.
I just saw your post and I'm interested in your installation of the spray system on your cimex. Thanks! Cool
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