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Carpet Sanitizer
What kind of carpet sanitizer do you recommend? I got a few customer with pets who wants to let clean and sanitize their carpet.

Is there a product i can dillute with the Releasit products?
Odorcide is your friend. You can even put it in Hydrox, which is saying something since, as they have said many times, Hydrox doesn't play well with others.
Please pay attention to the word used here... "Sanitize". We can make a carpet more sanitary (i.e. clean).
However we can't make a carpet sterile, which is often the mental picture portrayed with the word sanitize.

To effectively remove odor though, Odoricide works incredibly well. It can be mixed right in with the detergents.

I know I'm probably getting too technical about the word choice, it's just something to think about.
Thanks for your replys. Odorcide seems to be the way to go...

What is about Microban. I have read a lot about it.
Microban is not compatible with encapsulation polymers.
Bernd,  I am often asked by home owners about "sanitising" their carpet.  You may want to educate them gently, by pointing out that removing the soils and organics are important to reducing (never say "eliminating") allergens and other undesirable things.  I tell them that I will use a product that has a strong peroxide, which will help with organic stains and odors.  Then I explain that they will also benefit from the protection HydrOx puts on the carpet fibers.  

A short speech leaves them feeling informed.  A long speech leaves them bored.  In short, you are going to leave them with a very clean carpet  that will be in better shape than you found it.  Ask them "How does that sound to you?"  The answer is always  "it sounds very good!"

Then smile and get to work.
With Respect,
Thanks for your replys and thank you @Stephen for your "secret" how you handle situations with your clients.

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