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Two Cimex for Sale
$1700 for both - great deal - I am upgrading and need to start selling off some equipment that I don't use any more.

One is the older R48 unit and the second is the newer unit. Both 19 inch. Both run great. One come with white brush set, other comes with both white brush set and pad drivers. The older R48 needs a new valve and hose for the shower feed. Newer unit needs a new plastic on off switch.

Not looking for any trades. I would prefer local pickup or meet and exchange only.

Located in San Diego.

Text 619-602-nine four four eight.
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Are they repairable or is it not worth the trouble because of the age and condition? IAny idea what the cost for parts would be? Can the repairs be done yourself or would it need to go to a distributor for repairs? 
Thanks, Bill
The machines are in great shape...they are both operable. Not sure on the cost, but it should be minimal. The newer machine only needs a switch. The older machine only needs the valve from the solution tank and the hose. The valve and solution hose you should just be able to get from home depot. The switch may be an item you need to get from a cimex distributor directly. Both are fantastic units and built like tanks.
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Sorry, I just reread your post and noticed you requested pick up only. Unfortunately, we are on opposite coasts. Thanks just the same for taking the to time to answer my questions. I appreciate you doing that.
Good luck to you.  
Bill Morgan
I would be open to shipping, but I haven't shipped equipment before. We would just have to work the details. Either way thanks!
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Are you able to post, email or PM pictures of the cimex's? 
Text me at 619-602-944Eight and let me know what you want pics of.
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