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Low Moisture carpet cleaning business for sale
Hi everyone, First I would like to thank Rick and the team at Excellent Supply for all of their help and support over the years. Now, I am retirering and would like to sell the equipment that I have left. Nothing is over two years old and all in very good condition.
1.  Vario Orbital scrubber w/swing arm wheel kit and spray system
2.  Big Boss 5 gallon sprayer w/ 50 foot hose.
3.  Janilink 17 inch 175 rotary with shampoo tank and on board sprayer.
4.  Proteam Vacuum with many new bags.
5.  Gecko portable spotter/extractor.
6.  Window cleaning kit and supplies.
7.  Oreck orbitor pro small orbital for stairs and small areas.
8.  Steamer,irons,lift buddy, furniture sliders, many pads of different types and basically most of what you would need to start a small low moisture carpet cleaning business. I would like to sell it all at once but who knows. I am located in middle Tennessee for pick up. Call 540-482-0031 with questions
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How about a breakdown of price per item?

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