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Vario Orbital machine with spray system
I've got a Vario OP machine with spray system for sale. The Vario itself works great and the spray system has never even been taken out of the box. I'm just selling it because it doesn't get used much. The price is $1250 plus shipping. I'd be willing to drive up 75 miles or so to meet. I'm in Panama City, Florida [Image: 1722bc94ac2e5bd793c81e1524bd20cb.jpg][Image: 3636c626fdf40504c53bba65fee1a23e.jpg][Image: 353e74d839529429654f4702a44f88eb.jpg][Image: 667a3716cea7c4a6080c3462add8b4b0.jpg][Image: 292714fa061983234cb4e9688a26e61b.jpg]

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