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Cleaning Out the Cimex Plumbing
It's a good idea to routinely clean out the plumbing on your Cimex! It doesn't take long for the plumbing to get plugged up with mineral deposits and coagulated detergent residue.

When the head becomes plugged up, an uneven flow to the 3 pad drivers occurs. At that point the pads will wear unevenly. It also impacts your cleaning production. Cleaning speed can diminish 50% or more.

We recommend cleaning out the head once a month, depending on your usage. This will ensure that your Cimex will run at peak performance.

It's also a good idea to empty your tank at the end of each job if you're not planning to clean carpet for a few days. It's even a good idea to flush a little fresh water through the system. If you will be using the machine in the next couple of days, there's no need to empty the machine - just run the tank low, and then top up the tank on your next job.


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