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Cimex Belt
There is no procedure for belt tightening on a Cimex.

Sometimes you will find that the belt "slips" due to stretching over time. This is the case when you start your machine with the head down on the carpet and upon starting the machine you notice the bowl does not spin but the motor does.

The solution for that is to either replace the belt or take off the belt and rough up the center pulley with emery cloth, sand paper or wire wheel to get a little better "bite" on that center pulley and then flip the belt inside out and reinstall it.

To install a belt simply wrap the belt around the center pulley and 2 outer pulleys and then start the belt onto the third pulley while slowly turning the pulleys  and it will work its way on with a bit of effort.
Rod Clarkin
Excellent Supply 727-821-2020 

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