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Considering Mytee ECO-17 Orbital
This is a unit fairly close to my location i was just wondering if anyone has used it for any length of time and what's your thoughts?
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When we first saw the Eco-17 it looked like a winner. We ordered one at Excellent Supply, thinking it would be a cool addition to our product line. Unfortunately, we aren't super impressed. It's kind of awkward to work with the machine...

The pad driver falls off when you transport the machine. The spray-switches are close to the handle grips and get squeezed as you pull the machine backward. It also sprays out too much solution which tends to over-wet the carpet. And the wheels are too close together, causing the machine to feel unbalanced.

We like the quick adjusting handle. We like the price. And we like the look of the machine. But the weird issues running the machine were a deal breaker for us. Make sure you try it before you decide on it.
Thanks Rick. Does it perform well?

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I'm not a fan of the way it handles, but it scrubs adequately. 
It scrubs similar to other 1725 RPM orbital machines on the market. 
1725 is 1725 is 1725.   Shy
Has anyone been able to see or try out the new orbot vibe
I don't think they've shipped any yet. The pictures of the Vibe look nice.
Rick will you be carrying the vibe
We're an HOS distributor. If you'd like one, I'm sure I could get you one. :-)
ok good to know, I use your chems and like them a lot i also purchased my CRB from you guys which i love, it's been a little over two years now and its still going strong
That sounds great. Thanks for those kind words. Let us know what you need.
We'll do whatever we can to to help you succeed in your business!

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