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$1150 VARIO PRO MODEL Spray System Model
For sale $1,150 like new. Nothing wrong with it. We have only used it  about 5 times.

VARIO PRO MODEL Spray System Model
The PRO MODEL comes with a Spray System allowing you to spray your cleaning solution from dual front-mounted spray jets. The PRO MODEL option includes a 4 gallon solution tank and a 60 psi pump. The solution control button is convenient to reach with either thumb. The spray system on the VARIO provides an efficient and simple way to perform encapsulation cleaning, bonnet cleaning.
19 inch Machine / 1725 Oscillations Per Minute
At a rate of 28.75 oscillations per second, there is plenty of agitation!
Heavy-Duty 3/4 hp Leeson Motor  
Leeson has a great reputation for building trouble-free industrial motors. The Vario's Leeson motor comes with a 5 year warranty.
Smooth Operation
Some OP machines run like a jackhammer. By comparison, the Vario is incredibly smooth to operate.
VARIO Swingarm Assembly
The pivoting swingarm assembly, with its built-in spring tensioner, allows the Vario to track in a straight line with no side to side torque.

The VARIO Has the Stance of a Bulldog For Nimble Handling
With its wide real wheel position, the Vario is amazingly sure footed on the carpet. That translates to a machine that handles like a sports car.
Large 10 inch Wheels & Stainless Steel Axle
With its large 10 inch semi-pneumatic wheels, the Vario rolls along effortlessly.
Polished Aluminum & Chrome
The VARIO is a beauty to behold with its chrome and highly polished cast aluminum deck, so you'll get to make a professional impression. The all metal construction will stand up to years of service.
Reasonably Priced
Many OP machines in the industry have developed VERY EXPENSIVE pricing structures. By comparison, we think you will agree that the VARIO represents a bargain

Jamie Pike
Valet Dry Carpet Cleaning
843-901-6748 Direct
843-901-0561 Office
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Do you still have it?
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Yes I do. I can be reached at 843-901-6748 ask for Scott
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