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Work Orders
I clean mostly residential and was wondering where you get your work orders from? I get mine from Deluxe (Where most people get their checks from). 

My other thought was to go simply by email but I noticed that most places have a monthly fee for this service and I really would like either software or another way to send via email or messenger. Any thoughts?
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Hi Rich,

I'm not getting a clear picture of exactly what you're looking for. There are so many cloud based accounting and management solutions these days, it would seem like there could well be a simple alternative out there for you. Seriously! Do some Google searches. Keep in mind that the world is moving away from paper. Paperless "E" versions of doing business are considered the standard today. Maybe you could explain how you're using the "work orders" in your daily business flow so we can get a better idea of what you're hoping to achieve.
Sorry about being unclear Rick. This is my work order now. They are very expensive and what you said is exactly what I wanna do is go paperless and just email the receipt to my clients. I was just wondering what software would be the best. I've seen a couple nice apps but it's like $20 a month. I know it's not a lot but I'm the kind of person who doesn't like money being taken out on a monthly basis. 

Now I'm getting a new computer/pad, not sure yet but I'm putting quicken books on it but I'm not sure if I can email work orders with that or not. I'd like to know what most people are doing since I'm finally separating from paper finally.

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QuickBooks online QBO has a provision to send out proposals. But there's a monthly fee for QBO also. Subscriptions for online apps and E services is pretty much the way of the future. Part of the cost of doing business I think.
I have just stated using House Call Pro.
It has many good features for those of us who clean carpets.
I think it will do many of the things you would like.
You can start using it for free and then move up as your needs grow!
Yes, House Call Pro is popular. Service Monster is also another popular option. These are well respected applications in our industry. They follow a subscription model (back to that again). If you can wrap your brain around it, one of these may offer you a way to improve your business management flow.

By the way, the Releasit CMS (Commercial Maintenance System) also contains a "Commercial Job Voucher". It's essentially a work order for servicing commercial jobs.

Another possible consideration might be to make your own form using form software. There's a lot of form software available for both Windows and Mac platforms. These can normally generate PDF forms customized to your liking. There are also online form generators such as JotForm. https://www.jotform.com/form-templates/

So many options! The important thing is to find what feels like a good fit for your business. And make sure that what you choose presents your company in a professional way to your customers.
I will give you a few ideas when looking into a service database. Ask your self a few questions when choosing.

1. How does it work with Accounting, some databases integrate with programs like quickbooks, and some have there own.
2. Are you looking for inventory such as tracking and billing for products used,,, some programs out there do not have this feature.

My thoughts on Cloud, subscription pay type of service databases. Pros and Cons based on what I have looked into - And I could be wrong now.. Technology moves so quick

You pay a fee and can access via internet, you do not need fancy servers etc. to run a program for more then 1 user, nor need to update your server type equipment every few years for upgrades as it is handled on there end.
*Now this could also be considered a con as well, If your service program provider decides to update the program, what if its a Jurassic change?.. Maybe they just changed a feature that works for you and you don't really have a choice in the matter. Just things to consider or ask when looking

If you do have a cloud based service... It seems your out of luck if on there end systems go down. Also, If your internet goes down no way to access. Maybe your late on your subscription payment or some blip, what happens then? Are you held and not able to access any info until payment? in which case can make your business come to a bit of a halt.

Just some things to maybe consider when looking. Just make sure it fits your needs, Good Luck!
I thoroughly agree with what GroovyJon has stated.

I've been using Quicken / QuickenBooks / Intuit for about fifteen years or more.

Using Windows XP & the older Q system, it was a great system for me.

It also had a Customer Manager, (since discontinued) which I love & have been able to install on each pc even after it's demise.

Previously, I would make out an invoice, click send & it would open my email server, if it was a new client, enter the addy, otherwise the addy would appear & I could simply send it.

A few years ago, (Windows 7), they changed their email system where now I have to save the invoice to a PDF.

To do this, I have to got to PRINT (NOT SEND), find CUTE PDF WRITER, save the file.

Once done, that would close, & go back to Q.

Then I would shrink Q, open the PDF, find the file, enter the email address & then send it.

There are some other features since Q upgraded that I dislike, but nothing that I can do about it.

Where I live, there are many hills where cell phones won't work, TV reception is bad, & cloud based systems can be useless.

Recently Quicken has been sold, don't know what will now happen or where I will go for my next accounting program.

Maybe retire??


Modern technology??
I don't regret my past, I just regret the times I've wasted with the wrong people.
Take me as I am, or watch me as I go.
I'll retire when I can no longer do what I love, or I no longer love what I can do.
Stop moving, start dying........
(02-02-2017, 05:58 PM)Lounge Wrote: LizardsMaybe retire??


Modern technology??

LOL... I can't see you retiring Shorty. You have too much passion for what you're doing to consider retirement. 

And for a "young" fella, I'd say you've done a pretty decent job of staying up on technology.  Shy
I hear you Lounge Lizards, its very interesting. The more technology seems to "improve", the more confusing it gets.

My personal thought is that each business does things there way, with that being said when you adopt a "general" type of service database you always have to learn a "work around" to make it fit for you. Lounge Lizards just explained one.

I can give a ton of examples of what I mean by this... honestly I think the ideal way would be to consult with someone that can create exactly what your looking for to suit your business......But who has got that kind of time and money to throw away.

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