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seeking advice on CRB
Hi again all

As mentioned in my previous post, we have a Duplex 420 as well as a Rotowash CRB.

And I was hoping for advice on the following question.

When encapping, do you use themwith the skimmer on or the skimmer off?

We tried it both way and when we had the skimmer on for the Duplex 420, it picked up quite a bit of the solution and so we were concerned that more of the Releasit was ending up in the waste tray of the machine than on the carpet.

Any suggestions or help or advice will be greatly appreciated

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Using to much solution buy a good sprayer don't use the solution tank on your machine. Also leave in the catch trays that should solve problems. Check your mixture don't use more than 4 oz per gallon of water for moderate soiling.

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Good advice above to avoid using too much solution.
Normally the recovery tray will not adversely affect the overall cleaning.

Not sure if that covered your question though. Let us know if you still have other questions.
thanks for that - so we will use with recovery tray on.

next question - can you give us a guide as to how much solution we should use on each apartment - they are 50 square metres of carpet in each.
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With a CRB machine you normally will range between 30-40 Square meters per RTU gallon, using Encap-Clean DS2

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