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Monster beer spot...
I have a meeting with a new customer on monday. It is a little hotel and they want me to safe their carpets.... They have some heavy beer spots in their rooms (typical for Germans...they love drinking beer Big Grin ) . How would you handle them? Thought of using HydrOx and minimal moisture.

What do you think or what would you recommend? HydrOx? Or DS2 with the Spill stain dilution?
Hey Bernd, To be really safe maybe the ultra adsorb, I've cleaned few wool rugs using ultra adsorb and they came out good. I'm pretty sure hotels require wool carpet for fire precautions. Just an idea to be really safe about it.
GroovyJon makes a good suggestion. Adsorb Ultra is AWESOME for tackling problematic spill stains. http://www.excellent-supply.com/Adsorb-U...p_857.html

But I don't think you guys have Adsorb Ultra anywhere in Europe yet. You can get the results you need if you will CAREFULLY FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS: http://www.excellent-supply.com/Putting-..._b_21.html The Spill Stain Trick is something I've shared for years, and it will normally produce excellent results on spills that have the potential of returning.

Be sure to take some before and after pics.
Thanks for your help. Adsorb is not available for me. Will try the spill trick and will inform about the results...

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